ELEAD CRM – Automotive CRM

Efficient and Easy-to-Use Automotive CRM Solution Saves Time and Money!

We are performance driven. The industry’s top automotive professionals, developers and programmers built the ELEAD CRM system from the ground up, and we have tuned it over decades. Our CRM solution scales to any size retail operation to manage customers’ life cycle and maximize sales and service opportunities.

ELEAD CRM strategically communicates with all opportunities- including sold and unsold Showroom, Phone and Internet- to attract, manage and retain customers for life. ELEAD1ONE provides dealer clients with consistent high-level engagement and best-practice processes proven to give their customers the ideal buying experience!



  • All Major DMS and Third-party Providers
  • Full Integration with ELEAD Virtual BDC to Generate Appointment and Leads and Provide Custom Follow up
  • Online Marketing Providers
  • Full Integration of Sold and Unsold Showroom, Phone and Internet Management
  • Powerful Web-based Desking, Finance and Inventory Tools
  • Real-time Integration of the Nation’s #1 Virtual BDC Alerts and Notifications
  • ELEAD Mobile CRM App provides 100% Access to Customers, Customer Data, Inventory, Follow Up and Internet Lead Tools to Maximize Business Opportunities
  • New Car Dealer ILM with Inventory and Automotive Dealership Desking Integration
  • Use ANY Smart Phone to Fully Manage Your Internet Leads
  • Prints Deal Sales Forms
  • Generates Daily Work Plans for Sales and Service
  • Simple Call Reporting, Recording and Tracking
  • No Long-term Contract
  • Customized, Detailed Reporting for Dealerships and Dealer Groups

 Custom Messaging

  • Open SMS Dialogue with Sales and Service Customers in Real Time
  • All SMS Correspondence Recorded within ELEAD CRM
  • ELEAD1Text Complete Dealership SMS Integration
  • ACE Automated Intelligent Email Engagement to Internet Inquiries

 Best Practice Processes

  • Fast, Friendly and Flexible Lead Generation, Sales and Customer Retention Processes Scaled to Fit Your Needs
  • Custom or Brand-specific Templates Proven to Improve Customer Loyalty
  • ECCO Live Automated Incomplete Task Fulfillment


Proven to Speed-up, Streamline and Simplify Dealer’s Retail Operations!