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The Most Intelligent and Intuitive Automotive CRM System in Today’s Market

We are performance driven. The industry’s top automotive professionals, developers and programmers built the ELEAD CRM system from the ground up, and tuned it over decades. Our fast, friendly and flexible Car Dealer CRM solution scales to any size retail operation to provide world-class lead generation and marketing tools that completely manage the customer lifecycle and maximize sales and service opportunities. ELEAD CRM empowers dealers to communicate with showroom ups, phone ups and Internet leads – all from one tool that is simple and easy-to-use. ELEAD CRM combines world-class customer experience, smart engagement and unmatched staff accountability to provide success-driven dealers the most efficient CRM system available in today’s market.



  • Integrates with All Major DMS and Third-party Providers
  • Full Integration of Sold and Unsold Showroom, Phone and Internet Management
  • Powerful Web-based Desking, Finance and Inventory Tools
  • Real-time Integration with the Nation’s #1 Virtual BDC
  • Dynamic Two-way Text Messaging Platform
  • Automated Email Engagement to Leads and Unsold Customers
  • Streamlines Unfulfilled Work Plan Tasks to ELEAD Contact Center
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tailored to Dealer Specification
  • Use ANY Smart Phone to Manage Leads
  • Generate Daily Work Plans for Sales and Service
  • No Long-term Contract

CRM ELEAD CRM   Automotive CRM


  • Dealership Staff Completes Their Own Live Call Tasks and Activities
  • View Service Customers, Campaigns, Leads and Hot Alerts in Real Time
  • Assign Tasks to Dealership Staff and Daily Marketing Plans for Service Managers
  • Escalate Non-completed Tasks to ELEAD Contact Center for Fulfillment
  • Customers Schedule Service Appointment in an Easy-to-use Online Tool

ELEAD Mobile App

  • Review Leads, Activities and Appointments Immediately with Sales and Manager Views
  • Provides 100 Percent Access to Customer Data, Dealership Inventory, Appointments and Follow Up Tools
  • VIN Scanner Seamlessly Integrates Trade Information Directly into ELEAD CRM in Real Time
  • Easy-to-use Driver’s License Scanner Quickly Uploads Customer Information Into ELEAD CRM
  • Mobile Desking Provides Quick and Accurate Payment and Lease Options that Ensures Rapid Negotiation, Response Times, and Increased Profits

Speed-up, Streamline and Simplify Your Retail Operations!