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With competition at an all-time high and sales margins shrinking more and more each month, no dealership can afford to ignore inbound call handling. In this eye-opening one-hour webinar recording, Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE shares strategies, tips and tricks to improve inbound call handling performance and convert more valuable phone leads into appointments.


Customer Perception vs. Reality

Update: Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at ELEAD1ONE, joined Auto Dealer Live September 1, 2016, for a discussion based on the actual reality of the customer experience versus the perception. The discussion centers around Wittenmyer’s article, “Perception versus Reality: An In-depth Look at Consumer Perception.” The article appeared in the Summer edition of Hotline, the official newsletter of Canada’s Trillium Automobile Dealers Association.


The first five seconds of any exchange can make or break the experience for the customer. Whether it’s over the phone, chat, or in person —  how your sales, service, and BDC team acknowledge your customers creates the foundation for the very trust that will lead to a purchase.   Read More

We all know a BDC is the voice of the dealership, and it’s hard to find talent that possesses the expertise to run the BDC and/or work in one as an agent, let alone retain them. Phone professionals that make calls all day every day is a tough job that some classify as repetitive or mundane. The information they must possess can be complicated depending on the number of different types of calls you are required to execute properly. The high cost of labor turnover can be detrimental to a store’s expense structure and negatively impact customers’ experience. The key to success for any BDC lies in performance, the monitoring, and management of production, which includes tying monthly activities and goals to the pay plan. For BDCs to succeed, you must impose pay plans that are attractive to talent and maximize operational efficiency and production.

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Why We Love BDC

Listen to a recording of Auto Dealer Live’s BDC Boardroom with Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE, Tom Stuker, Alan Ram and Sean V. Bradley.  You don’t want to miss this passionate discussion between these four industry experts on BDC best practices, hiring philosophies and strategies behind moving our industry into 2015.  Rumor has it that BDC Boardroom Part 2 is in the works!