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ELEAD1ONE 3birds Marketing Predictive Modeling

3 Birds Marketing, a two-time Inc. 5000-ranked automotive digital marketing company partners with ELEAD1ONE, the benchmark in automotive software. The partnership will pair 3 Birds’ powerful integrated marketing, analytics platform, and revolutionary predictive modeling solution with the comprehensive ELEAD1ONE dealer-focused suite of services.

The combined offering enables automotive retailers to quarterback integrated, data-driven communications throughout the entire consumer lifecycle, generating superior results across key digital channels and traditional touchpoints while creating cost- and time-saving efficiencies within their store. Read More

Sales Manager Superstitions

Back in 1998, while I was selling cars at a small Chevrolet dealership in Georgia, we had a daily ritual known as a lot party. This “party” consisted of completely rearranging the lot by moving different types of vehicles to the front line to draw the attention of potential customers. After the cars were moved and lined up precisely, the process of blowing up exactly 99 red balloons began. I’m not really sure why the number had to be exactly 99, other than the fact that our sales manager was a big fan of the 80’s song, “99 Red Balloons,” by the band Nena. Once the balloons were ready, the salespeople gathered 10 to 15 each and began attaching them to the cars on the lot. I don’t know if this garnered any additional business, but my manager insisted this routine be done every day.

The car business, like baseball, is full of these type superstitions. Read More

Dealership Facebook Newsfeed Change

It’s the uproar that most online marketers were anticipating, yet didn’t know how they would adjust until it occurred. We’re almost two months into latest algorithm changes that affect your Facebook newsfeed, and while the return to individual-created content versus branded content implication is in full swing, some brands have been slower to adjust.

The issue – the number one social network, Facebook, announced on its blog in late June the unleashing of its most recent algorithm change, which places more of an emphasis on posts circulated by friends and family, pushing down posts by businesses and brands. Read More

Service Department Marketing

To most consumers, the service department is an area of the dealership that is “off limits,” inconvenient, and intimidating. Add in the fact that most vehicles today are so complicated, the average person has no idea of the inner workings of even the most ordinary things. Dig deeper into the fine points of service department marketing with ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer in the August issue of Dealer Marketing Magazine.

Bill offers his decades of insight into what dealers can do to maximize the potential of their Fixed Ops department.

  • The most common complaint customers have regarding fixed ops today
  • The most overlooked investment in marketing your service department in the digital space
  • The single most important thing dealers can do to ensure customer retention and loyalty

For more insight into the multi-channel approach in marketing your Service department, read the full article here:  Dealer Marketing Magazine Article

Today’s customers are on a quest for what is genuine and authentic. Take the role of marketing for example.  For years, marketers made things shiny, bigger, and better with a lot of smoke and mirrors – thinking customers would pay more attention to the special effects rather than if the product or service actually worked for them.  As sellers, we coveted the knowledge we had, unbeknownst to our customer, for the mere fact we felt either they didn’t want to be or shouldn’t be bothered with the intricacies of a deal.

Transparency runs counteractive to traditional business practices, and there is a sense of vulnerability — although misplaced — the word brings to many of us.  It feels as if we are handing over our secret sauce to get the most money for the product or service and grow our bottom line, when in fact — allowing our customers to get more information and understand the service will increase the approval and buying process.

Read More

     As an industry, we have a tendency to focus more importance on the outcome of customer interaction rather than what the customer actually needs.  Nowhere is this disparity more apparent than in retention marketing. When standing on my soapbox and trying to impart this principle, I often use the phrase “What about ‘Bob’?” because it seems to resonate, in its silliness, the seriousness of the situation.
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