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Wittenmyer tips to new independent dealership owners

So you’ve made the leap into dealer ownership. You’re letting the entrepreneurial spirit drive you to be your own boss, and what better place for that energy than the automotive industry. Only time can answer the nerve-wracking questions that keep most new owners awake every night:

·         Who will buy from my dealership?

·         Did I choose the right location?

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Remember 9-11

Editor’s Note: On the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Regional Sales Director Brad Owens recalls his memories of that fateful day and the career change that occurred that helped him conquer the common fear shared by many after the attacks. 

I remember 9/11/ 2001 like it was yesterday. I remember walking out of my morning sales meeting at the dealership where I worked. Our meeting room was just off the service department’s customer lounge. The television was always on the morning news. We walked out just after the first plane hit and watched the second plane hit live.  I’m sure my sense of comprehension was no different from my co-workers and others around the world. I couldn’t quite understand the visuals on the screen.  My colleagues and I spent moments in silence with the occasional gasp here and there — trying to understand whom, how, and why someone would want to do such a thing. Who would hurt so many people and forever change the course of so many lives?

Bursting the Bubble

Before 9/11, I had not traveled much.  My hometown was my bubble; I thought I would be there for the rest of my life.  But after 9/11, some THING had woken up inside me. I had the strong urge to see as much of the U.S. and the world as I could. I started looking to make a change in my life and found ELEAD1ONE.  I took a pay cut with the promise of opportunity — that chance to see the U.S. and most of all, ELEAD1ONE allowed me to push myself beyond everything I had known, in the small bubble I had known up until that point in my life.
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Awarding Medals Before They've Gone to Battle

I have noticed a change in the last few years of the mindset established during the onboarding process with new employees. A sense of entitlement and accomplishment creeps in before the employee pencils their first deal or sets up their desk — if they are lucky enough to have a desk in the first place. I remember sharing a desk with a bunch of other new hires until I had earned the right to have my own workspace. And, please do not tell me it’s this generation or Millennials because I refuse to allow these fine people to be categorized that way, or in any way.

Let’s assume that anyone hired is qualified; the assumptions, however, should stop there. Managers face enough challenges with new recruits and retaining employees; we shouldn’t make it more complicated by anointing people before they even know your culture, your unique skill sets, and processes, the “go to” people in the organization or have produced a single thing. Read More

Customer Perception vs. Reality

Update: Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at ELEAD1ONE, joined Auto Dealer Live September 1, 2016, for a discussion based on the actual reality of the customer experience versus the perception. The discussion centers around Wittenmyer’s article, “Perception versus Reality: An In-depth Look at Consumer Perception.” The article appeared in the Summer edition of Hotline, the official newsletter of Canada’s Trillium Automobile Dealers Association.


The first five seconds of any exchange can make or break the experience for the customer. Whether it’s over the phone, chat, or in person —  how your sales, service, and BDC team acknowledge your customers creates the foundation for the very trust that will lead to a purchase.   Read More

Before watching the 2014 Super Bowl, I saw a video of the Seattle Seahawks. I became an instant fan of Head Coach Pete Carroll.

What really moved me was the sign above their door each player taps on his way to the field.  It says, “I’m IN”.  I could really see Coach Carroll’s passion for his team and the game.  I started thinking about the importance of a motto for my team, my family and even myself.  I quickly grabbed a flashcard and sharpie and wrote the words, “I’m in!” taped next to my front door.  My kids laughed and hugged me and thought it was “cute.”

I started watching all of the interviews with the players and coaches to gain more insight into who they were as a team.   The words, “I’m IN” resonated deeply with me.  They made me reevaluate what my commitments are in life and helped me realize it’s never too late to recommit to anything I wanted.  It was time for a change.

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