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Participating dealers can use iMR match service lane funds for SERVICE1ONE Online Scheduler powered by ELEAD1ONE

ATLANTA, GA – July 19, 2016 – ELEAD1ONE, the benchmark in automotive marketing, sales, and service retention platforms, announces that General Motors approved the company as an online service schedule vendor for its dealer’s digital marketing sites, as well as parts iMR (inMarketRetail) reimbursement. All GM dealers who are part of this program can now use iMR funds for the SERVICE1ONE Online Scheduler solution, allowing consumers to shop for repair services and schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. Read More

Before watching the 2014 Super Bowl, I saw a video of the Seattle Seahawks. I became an instant fan of Head Coach Pete Carroll.

What really moved me was the sign above their door each player taps on his way to the field.  It says, “I’m IN”.  I could really see Coach Carroll’s passion for his team and the game.  I started thinking about the importance of a motto for my team, my family and even myself.  I quickly grabbed a flashcard and sharpie and wrote the words, “I’m in!” taped next to my front door.  My kids laughed and hugged me and thought it was “cute.”

I started watching all of the interviews with the players and coaches to gain more insight into who they were as a team.   The words, “I’m IN” resonated deeply with me.  They made me reevaluate what my commitments are in life and helped me realize it’s never too late to recommit to anything I wanted.  It was time for a change.

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I recently moved into a new house. The first day consisted of closing on the house I sold, followed by the new house closing. Afterward, as I approached my new home, I noticed my brand new refrigerator sitting in my yard with the door handles lying on the driveway. And, the people delivering my new toy were standing in my living room looking at doors trying to decide how they were going to get this monster into my kitchen. Read More