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DealBuilder Mobile App

The longer the process of buying a car takes, chances are the price and the profit will decrease. DealBuilder stabilizes that decline in profits and increases the satisfaction of the customer buying experience by making the process more efficient for the buyer.

This interactive consumer-facing mobile application allows car buyers to complete much of the process via a mobile device. From appointment board integration, viewing inventory and valuing a trade to structuring a car deal based on down payment and terms, creating an offer, submitting a credit application and even selecting aftermarket warranty programs – DealBuilder quickly streamlines the entire process and provides 100 percent transparency to the buyer.

With real-time integration with ELEAD CRM, sales managers have complete visibility right from the desk log as if the customer were sitting at the salesperson’s desk. DealBuilder allows customers to be more engaged in the car buying process by enabling them to shop at their pace and see what their potential investment terms can be at a moment’s notice. Your showroom sales team then turn into consultants, guiding the customer to their perfect purchase not only based on the price, but by lifestyle, usage, and personality factors.

Alleviate the perception that buying a car has to be an elongated experience by providing an interactive tool that puts key decisions and paperwork management in the hands of the customer.

Vehicle Valuation

  • Vehicle walkaround documents damage
  • Easy photo upload captures existing vehicle damage
  • Loan payoff and banking information
  • CarFax and AutoCheck integration
  • Real-time integration with 3rd party car value books (Kelly Blue Book, Blackbook Auto)
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Structured Car Deals

  • Guides for inventory selection based on financing/loan terms
  • Credit application completion
  • Professional presentation of figures with multiple payment options
  • Quick loan approval notifications
  • Aftermarket warranty options
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