CallRevu Elead Integration

CallRevu Announces CRM Certified Integration with Elead

We’re excited to announce the integration of CallRevu’s leading solution for call tracking with advanced monitoring and phone call analytics into the Elead CRM platform.

The seamless integration of CallRevu and ELEAD1ONE offers automotive dealers an efficient way to connect with potential customers, log sales calls in a centralized location, and maximize each phone opportunity. CallRevu provides tools for dealers to handle phone calls, improve employee phone skills, and discover more sales and service opportunities through live, actionable alerts. Matched with ELEAD1ONE’s robust customer relationship management platform, this provides ELEAD1ONE clients with visibility into the number of calls made, the number of customers invited to the dealership, the appointment set rate, and much more. With a single login, you can get the data you need to have familiar conversations that lead to appointments.

“Great customer experience comes from having a single, informed conversation across all channels which is exactly what our partnership with ELEAD1ONE CRM is all about, integrating the power of their CRM solution and CallRevu’s call monitoring and analytics solution to transform the caller’s journey into more sales for dealers. We are excited to bring this innovation to market, streamlining the information flow all with one single login,” says Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu.

“Accurate tracking and follow up on phone interactions is absolutely essential to the success of every dealership. ELEAD1ONE’s team of automotive experts has been dedicated to improving these experiences for consumers and dealers for more than 30 years. Therefore, it is a natural progression to prioritize this integration with a reliable, trusted partner like CallRevu to deliver robust, real-time phone data,” says Bill Wittenmyer, ELEAD1ONE VP of Sales, Layered Apps & Competitive Accounts.

“We are excited about the enhanced integration and partnership with ELEAD1ONE CRM. Advanced functionality and reporting between systems along with the new, seamless flow of inbound and outbound call information creates a powerful experience for dealers. Managers can now easily find unlogged phone ups and appointments, and review outbound follow-up call analytics by salesperson to improve team productivity and increase appointment results,” says Tom Harsha, CallRevu Chief Product Officer.

Dealers can view the full summary of the call, the ad source, the handling agent, the vehicle information, and other strategically important data to follow up on missed opportunities without switching between tabs or systems. Effective management of your ad dollar requires following up on leads. Managers can be confident that agents are doing so by making outbound calls with a click-to-call in their CRM system.

Reach out to your sales rep or email to learn more about the CallRevu and ELEAD CRM integration.

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