ELEAD Enhances Autopilot

ELEAD Enhances Autopilot; Proves Profitable To Auto Dealer Service Departments

ELEAD Upgrades Automotive Marketing System and Offers Live Calls for the Price of Recorded IVR Calls


DALLAS–The industry leading automotive CRM and marketing provider, ELEAD, announced aggressive plans to replace the system’s automated IVR reminders with live agent calls.

The announcement coincides with the company’s upcoming March release that enhances their comprehensive cross-media service-marketing product, AutoPilot. At NADA, ELEAD unveiled new creative services for dealers that upgrade the quality of mail and email communications. All triggers for solicitation of new service business will generate live agent calls in conjunction with the upgraded email services.

“Our recent conversations with the FTC regarding IVR calls made it crystal-clear that they’re going to aggressively pursue heavy per-call fines, as soon as the first AG complaint hits. We’ve seen how live conversations are much more effective for lifting mail and email penetration, so we decided to proactively make the right move for our dealers,” said Mark Queen, Vice President of ELEAD. “Having sufficient volume to package live calls at IVR rates, separates us from other service marketing tools because we can point to real increases in service traffic on large ticket customer pay ROs. The trick in this economy is to streamline the dealerships’ service marketing budgets by consolidating vendors. At the same time, AutoPilot recaptures the defector dollars spent at Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys and other stores.”

AutoPilot focuses on blending the correct mix of mail, email, text and voice to each individual customer’s profile. The product’s signature, Defector Live Call, increases shown First Service appointment rates by an average of over ten percent. The call to every new vehicle delivery identifies the customer’s actual current driving habits along with the customers likely to perform maintenance at other locations.


Founded in 1985, ELEAD has steadily grown to over 700 direct employees with the number one automotive call center in the nation. ELEAD offers a bundled solution approach; a single login gives dealers access to CRM, desking, pre-owned inventory management, sales and service marketing and digital marketing solutions. The company’s unique month-to-month business model fuels their sense of urgency to deliver monthly results. Along with an impressive number of recent groups that have chosen to partner with ELEAD, the company focuses heavily on maintaining their large reference list of over ten year customers.


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