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ELEAD1ONE and 3M Bring a New Interactive Virtual Sales Tool to the Auto Industry

5/3/2013 Industry leading automotive CRMand marketing provider ELEAD1ONE announced today they have teamed with 3M, a global innovation company, to provide auto dealers a groundbreaking virtual sales tool.  The new ELEAD1ONE Virtual Interactive Presenter (eVIP) will first appear in select service departments.  The eVIP engages service customers with consistent interactive communication scripted to generate additional sales opportunities and increase service to sales conversion.

The eVIP projects a spokesperson onto a shaped projection screen that is linked to the ELEAD1ONE best-in-class Perfect Prospect data mining technology through interactions with customers via a touch kiosk.  The eVIP educates service customers on exchanging their current vehicle with the newest model. Through scripted interactions, eVIP qualifies sales opportunities, identifies vehicles in inventory, sends real-time alerts to the sales team and even schedules test drives.

“The eVIP is a novel and non-confrontational way to interact with service customers,” stated Bill A. Hibbard, Business Development Manager of 3M. “The 3M™ Virtual Presenter, a dynamic merchandising solution, uses a proprietary means to shape digital content and project a life-like shaped image onto a screen.  Dealerships are able to attract service customers with the benefits of trading up their existing model to a new vehicle.”

“This combination of game-changing technology and low maintenance virtual staffing has already proven very effective in other retail spaces. Customers really gravitate and listen; we knew immediately this would provide a unique and consistent interaction in dealerships. Numerous applications of the eVIP will be developed to generate additional sales opportunities,” stated Hugh Hathcock, Owner of ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C.  “Teaming with 3M to unlock these untapped opportunities is just another example of our unwavering dedication to providing clients with the most innovative profit-building strategies.”

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