Elead Brand Reveal

Introducing a New Elead Brand

Psst.. Have you heard?

Something big has been happening with Elead over the past several months. And, it’s finally time to share our transformation!

Introducing a new Elead brand experience inspired by our deep roots in the automotive community, our industry-leading software and our long history of exceptional service. And we’re continuing the way we always have – with our fast, friendly and flexible style. 

Why now?

Like any big change, the decision was not made lightly. But we knew our look and feel wasn’t aligned with our brand promise, and that elements of our brand weren’t always cohesive.

We began by going back to our foundation for inspiration. We designed the new branding to clarify and satisfy the existing expectations of what our original mark stood for - while simultaneously moving the brand forward.

Elead has always been about relationships. Our mission is to help automotive retailers strengthen their relationships with their customers. But our greatest asset, more than any piece of technology, is the strength of our relationship with customers and the service we provide them.

Don’t get us wrong - we love technology. And, we don’t just lead in the automotive CRM category. We created it. We understand that every dealership is unique, so giving our customers simple, easy to use software that tailors to their operations is as vital as our promise to lead innovation into the future. It’s our priority to help dealers get the most out of every sales opportunity and provide them a competitive advantage.

This is apparent in everything from our dynamic technology platform and large, responsive call center to the way we partner with our dealer-clients and how integrated we are with all DMS providers and APIs.

When we began this project, we looked at many companies that were moving in the same direction and were following the same trends. However, we wanted Elead to be as unique to the automotive community as our customers are to us. So, we created a modern and cohesive identity that is cleaner and more accessible, while still giving thanks to our roots.

What’s changed?

It all starts with an homage to our history and a new look. Based on your feedback, we are simplifying our brand identity by sunsetting ELEAD1ONE and Service1One and transitioning back to the original Elead brand. “E” is for Elead. The logo and identity system illustrate the importance of a human touch and symbolize our partnership in technology solutions. The “e” is presented in a modern version of our core red and demonstrates how Elead helps dealers stand out and highlights our commitment to putting our dealer-customers at the forefront of everything we do.


A modern version of the Elead red is still the hero in our color palette. The warm primary, secondary and tertiary colors create an ownable expression of friendliness, with darker colors to express our dramatic flair.



Elead Brand


We selected more modern fonts, iconography and photography. A system of geometric shapes deconstructed from the “e” letterform was developed – another nod to the accessibility and approachability of Elead.

But not everything has changed. Many of the same, dedicated faces who led the brand and serviced customers for years continue to do so every day. We’re bringing you a new brand experience that takes both Elead and our customers to the next level. We are continually working to deepen and reinforce our dealer and API relations. The new structure will allow us to keep the focus on the tremendous opportunities inside Elead. 

Why we’re up for the job.

Elead delivers expert CRM with a personal touch. We know and understand dealers better than anyone. In fact, it’s in our DNA. Our commitment to outstanding customer service led us from Fresh Beginnings Cookies to pioneering the automotive CRM space and growing into the industry leader. We have never forgotten where we came from. And the people who helped build Elead are still deeply invested in the organization.   

We have a solid and evolving technology stack designed to support customers in getting the most out of their customer relationships and sales opportunities, helping them to track and convert leads as simply as possible.

We still have the largest, fastest and most responsible US-based call center with customer care advocates who are committed to providing the best for their customers. This will be built upon and strengthened.

We are strong and getting stronger. We’re accessible to our customers, and recent research has shown customers believe our products continue to be the simplest and easiest to navigate in our space. 

So, say hello to the new Elead.

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