Automated Email Marketing

What if you never had to worry about customer follow-up again?

It’s almost impossible to stay on top of every single lead without a little bit of help.

How would it help your dealership if you could automate some of that process and take the heavy lifting off your staff’s shoulders?

Is your email lead follow-up easy, seamless and available during all hours of the day?

Automate custom workflows for fast follow-up, lead nurturing and customer engagement with an intelligent automated virtual BDC assistant.

Are your email leads properly nurtured until they are in the buying cycle?

Qualify and score leads in the funnel and nurture them accordingly to establish more trust in your dealership and provide warm leads to your sales team.

Are you converting enough appointments?

An automated lead management system continually engages leads longer than a sales rep, leading to more booked appointments.

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Do you have adequate staff to engage all leads properly?

What would change if your staff could focus on customers in front of them or on the phone instead of replying to emails? What if you could respond to after-hours messages immediately?

Do you have the data you need to determine success?

Capture data with a dashboard that displays length and quality of engagement, amount of information collected, and rate of handoff between AI and human.

Do you know which leads need immediate attention?

Alert your salespeople and BDC staff to hot leads that need immediate attention with a seamless process - without having to add more staff members.

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