Deliver a genuine, relaxed and consultative experience to your customers in the showroom while capitalizing on every incoming lead, no matter when or where it arrives.

Running an internal BDC on your own is difficult and expensive.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a highly trained, well-managed and dedicated BDC that can take on your dealership’s heavy lifting and give your sales a boost?

Can’t keep up with incoming calls?

Imagine all of your incoming calls answered, with no extra impact on your staff. The ROI is huge and immediate.

How do you handle calls that come in after hours?

Capitalize on every incoming opportunity, no matter the day, time or method of contact. Plus, with logging on all activities, you won’t lose a single piece of information along the way.

Why would you waste the time of your best salespeople?

Give your staff backup so they can focus their attention on helping customers on the floor instead of answering calls. Free up your employees to do what they do best – build the relationships that lead to sales.

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How can inbound BDC services help your dealership?

Losing money on service opportunities?

From recalls to warranty work, inspections to customer declines, your service drive fuels your dealership. If you could ensure the phone was picked up immediately every time, how much more service business could you close?

Is high turnover or the cost of training slowing you down?

It’s hard to keep your best team members, and even harder to find and train new ones. How much money would you save if you could outsource some of the heavy lifting while still driving sales?

Does your staff have the skill to drive conversations?

Make sure your calls are being answered by a well-trained team that can provide the correct information, answer customers at the right time with the right message and, most importantly, save you time so you can close more deals.

Is your customer experience consistent?

Consistency is key to building trust with your customers. Ensure the customer experience is the same every time and that every caller receives the same information quickly.

Do your customers stay loyal to you?

With so many options for consumers, retaining loyalty is increasingly difficult. But with the right support, you can not only keep your customers but turn them into brand evangelists.

Is your staff spending too much time on the phone?

Free your staff up to do what they do best - engage with customers and build in-person relationships. And by outsourcing your BDC, you can reduce call handle times by up to 40%.

What if your staff is great – they just need a little bit of backup?

Taking a hybrid approach to your dealership BDC services can give your team some much-needed help with performance. You can help reduce missed calls and remove informational or scheduling conversations from your team’s plate, while still giving them warm transfers at the perfect time to close business.

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"Elead does a wonderful job of taking care of our customers. Their call center agents are provided with call guides and training, providing a consistent experience to our customers day in and day out, which is important."

- Fred Bartholomew
Gettel Automotive Group.

"With Elead BDC taking calls and scheduling appointments, our sales teams' attention can stay with the customer in front of them."

- Chris Hamud
Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth

"The ROI with the Elead BDC is twofold. It helps us set sales appointments we may have missed, but also helps us set service appointments."

- Ethan Rossignol
DARCARS Toyota of Silver Spring

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