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Tips for Finding and Retaining BDC Talent

Tips for Finding and Retaining BDC Talent

We all know a BDC is the voice of the dealership, and it’s hard to find talent that possesses the expertise to run the BDC and/or work in one as an agent, let alone retain them. Phone professionals that make calls all day every day is a tough job that some classify as repetitive or mundane. The information they must possess can be complicated depending on the number of different types of calls you are required to execute properly. The high cost of labor turnover can be detrimental to a store’s expense structure and negatively impact customers’ experience. The key to success for any BDC lies in performance, the monitoring, and management of production, which includes tying monthly activities and goals to the pay plan. For BDCs to succeed, you must impose pay plans that are attractive to talent and maximize operational efficiency and production.


When developing a pay plan for BDC agents, consider the pros and cons of a salaried versus an hourly structure.

  • Most successful BDCs I’ve worked with include conventional processes, including an hourly-based pay plan for BDC agents. Some of the best BDC incentives add a bonus contingent in several forms of activities and goals. Most importantly, measure and monitor each day and throughout the day. No pay plan is a manager; it is merely a guide, a direction and an incentive to achieve the goals you need to accomplish. Here are a few things you can do to maximize an hourly pay plan and your BDC.
  • Pay above your markets hourly pay average. If you pay average, expect average or less.
  • Control the work schedule and manage the hours to eliminate over time.
  • Set new goals for your BDC every month, and align pay incentives to those objectives. Understand what you want to accomplish and set the pay plan around your most critical goals. Balance the number of contacts with the number or quality results. It is not just about making or taking calls.
  • Keep it simple and concise. If people don’t understand what or how to get the bonus, they won’t believe in it and then won’t accomplish. Don’t over complicate the qualifications or scoring methods in the review of calls or desired outcomes.
  • Change it up. Add in different monthly goals and bonuses to keep it fresh and allow for agents with skill-sets to succeed, and for others to improve in areas of deficiency.
  • Management and reporting. These go hand-in-hand. Make sure you can measure what you are going to manage and then do it daily. Provide feedback on success and for improvement.

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