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[Webinar] Straight Talk: BDC Strategies to Grow Your Business

Is your sales staff making enough phone calls to keep your pipeline full of leads? Has your manufacturer ever mandated the use of a BDC service? Or do your service advisors spend too much time on the phones, and not enough face time with your customers? It’s time for some straight talk about BDC strategies you should be using to grow your business.

Business development centers (BDCs) are a proven method for increasing sales opportunities, service appointment volume and improving customer satisfaction, yet many dealerships have used both internal and outsourced BDCs with lackluster results.

Last week, industry expert Bill Wittenmyer shared a no-nonsense look at the pros and cons of running a BDC, whether it’s internal, external or using a hybrid approach. He covered the most common reasons why BDCs fail to deliver ROI and share hiring tips for BDC managers.

Whether you choose to run a BDC internally, externally or use a hybrid approach, it’s critical to know the key metrics for measuring and improving BDC performance. Bill also shared five outbound call campaigns that deliver guaranteed results and revenue to your bottom line.

Didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar? Click here to view an on-demand copy of the webinar and download a copy of the slides to share with your team.

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