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5 of the Most Popular Topics in Automotive Retail in 2018

5 of the Most Popular Topics in Automotive Retail in 2018

As we prepare to usher in 2019, the ELEAD team is feeling grateful for the opportunity to serve our incredible dealer customers, partners and friends. Throughout the year, we continuously learn from the automotive community and its best and brightest dealers, and sharing those tips to help you succeed is one of the best parts of what we do.

In that spirit, we’ve gathered the highlights of what we learned this year and curated a list of our most popular content in 2018 to share with you as you reflect on 2018 and prepare for the New Year.


Digital Retailing Ebook
With more and more of today’s consumers demanding an easy, Amazon-level shopping and customer service retail experience, it’s little wonder that Customer Experience was the hottest topic of NADA 2018. The most successful dealers are examining every aspect of the Customer Experience, particularly digital retailing. In case you missed it, here’s a free ebook that presents an in-depth review of the challenges involved with purchasing a vehicle online, and of current consumer and dealer expectations.

How to Boost Sales & Service Revenue with a Hybrid BDC
Many dealers prefer using internal BDCs so they can keep control of leads and processes. Other dealerships use an external BDC for cost, management and efficiency reasons. Just about every dealer believes it’s a choice: you either set up an internal BDC or outsource to a third-party virtual BDC. Yet, some of the best efficiencies and results actually happen with a hybrid BDC solution. Learn Why

The Dirty Truth About Your Automotive Data
The dealers who prioritize the use of customer data to continually improve customer experiences will be the most successful in 2019. The increased power of technology brings the increased responsibility for dealers to maintain accurate customer data or risk squandering precious advertising and operating dollars. Here’s a look back at what you can do to lean into the data revolution.

How to Handle Inbound Sales Calls
As an industry, we have pretty much perfected the process of following up on Internet leads, but we are still far from perfect when it comes to handling inbound phone leads. According to CallSource and IHS/Polk research, 84 percent of consumers purchase vehicles from a different dealership than the one they originally called. The good news is, there’s a huge opportunity to improve. Learn How

The Complete Automotive Retail Sales & Marketing Kit
Traditional dealership sales and marketing processes are broken. Shifts in technology, consumer expectations, and digital purchasing habits have changed the game in automotive retail. Get the jump on your competition in 2019 with this free kit download.

As always, we are grateful for the wonderful opportunity to connect with our customers, industry partners and friends. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for the latest in helpful tips, tricks and tech updates as we continue to shape automotive customer experiences together.

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