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ELEAD1ONE is pleased to announce that we have broadened our integration with ADP to include their credit application and Credit Bureau requests. With only $50 increase to your monthly ADP Integration cost, ELEAD1ONE users can post credit applications directly to ADP Credit, as well as access and use the ADP credit system from within our CRM tool.

With this integration, requests from the Credit Bureau Report (5 liner) are also available from within the CRM tool using the normal ELEAD SCORE/5 liner links. The Bureau report is returned to the user screen where it can be viewed or printed, much like other Bureau connections, e.g. 700 Credit, NCC, etc.


How to get started!

  1. Order the Credit Application Integration at the ADP e-store.
  2. Sign an ELEAD1ONE Services Agreement.
  3. 10 Business Days to Complete Installation.

Contact your sales consultant or performance manager to get started!