Equity Data Mining

What’s the best way to generate leads for car sales? Increase opportunities, convert faster and generate higher gross profits with leads already in a position to purchase.

Is your dealership suffering from longer buying cycles?

Provide actionable data and alerts to identify customers most likely to buy today and re-engage them with strategic one-to-one communications.

Is the cost of new customer acquisition too high?

It’s much more cost-effective to sell to a current customer than to acquire a new one. When you mine your database for existing customers in an equity position, you can sell more without spending more.

Are you capturing the right information to leverage your database?

If your equity mining software doesn’t integrate with your CRM, you’ll double your efforts on data entry. Be sure you have access to the history and information crucial to providing an unprecedented buying experience.

Do you need more preowned inventory?

New vehicle sales are declining and acquiring used cars at auction is expensive and risky. If you could gain preowned inventory at a lower cost, how would it help your dealership?

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How can automotive equity mining software help your business?

Are you retaining customers and cultivating loyalty?

If you don’t interact with your customers, they have opportunities to be conquested by competitors. Retention starts by knowing your customers and engaging them at the right time with relevant messages that elicit action.

Would your dealership benefit from more service opportunities?

Service sales fuel dealerships. Are you consistently able to keep your service lane full? Knowing which customers are in a position for repairs lets you know when to reach out and suggest service.

How much do you know about the used cars you’re buying?

Leveraging your existing customer database to acquire used car inventory means you know more about the vehicle’s service history. And that means you know what it will cost to repair and get it in your floor plan.

Do more. Spend less.

What could change for your dealership if you didn’t have to spend so much money on new customer acquisition? Equity mining in your database means that you can bring in more business and close more sales – without having to spend money acquiring customers who don’t currently have a connection to your dealership.

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