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Grow Revenue with Elead’s Best Blogs of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we at Elead would like to thank you, our dealer partners and customers, for a wonderful year.

As a token of our appreciation, we’ve compiled a list of our best blog articles on automotive retail from 2019. These insightful articles will give you all the tools you need to grow your dealership’s revenue to new heights in 2020.

3 Strategies to Cultivate Enthusiastic and Loyal Fans

It pays to put time and resources into nurturing your existing relationships. Learn how to turn your customers into loyal and enthusiastic fans who not only keep coming back but also refer friends and family to your auto dealership.

Stop Being Lead-Centric – It’s About the Customer Experience

The odds are good that consumers will purchase from your store if you focus more on delivering a great customer experience than on being lead-centric. How do you do that? By mastering three touchpoints: research, communications and the showroom visit.

Is Your CRM a System of Engagement?

A performance-driven automotive CRM can help facilitate and orchestrate the customer journey through more personalized and seamless interactions across all customer touchpoints. Look for these four capabilities when determining whether or not your CRM is a system of engagement.

For a deeper dive into automotive CRM, download our e-book: 7 CRM Strategies to Crush Your Sales Goals.

The Pros and Cons of Internal vs. External BDCs

Many car dealers believe their in-house sales team should be able to handle all sales calls, but not all salespeople possess the personality traits to be successful on the phone. Consider the pros and cons of using internal and external BDCs to decide which is best for you.

How to Avoid the End-of-the-Month Crunch

Think of what your numbers would look like if you could create a sense of urgency all month long. Keeping a steady pace of sales throughout the month might help to avoid the crunch and the burnout that sometimes goes with it. Find out how with our best tips.

3 Metrics to Measure Automotive BDC Performance

Using an external BDC is not about handing off the sales process to someone else; it’s about increasing the number of opportunities for your own team. If you’re not sure whether outsourced BDC services can provide value or ROI, use these metrics to measure performance.

Bonus content: Fix Your Phones and Boost Profits in Your Service Department.

How to Prepare Your Auto Dealership for Digital Retailing

Whoever best meets customer expectations will win more sales in the coming years, especially as car shoppers become more comfortable completing the purchase process online. Is your dealership ready to compete?

Need more? Check out our e-book, The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Digital Retail.

Thank you all for a fantastic 2019. We are looking forward to continuing to support you in the new year and beyond!

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