Automotive CRM Dirty Data

How Dirty is Your Database?

If you haven’t cleaned your automotive CRM customer database recently, it could be costing you as much as 12% in lost revenue. Think of how much time and money you can waste by sending mailers to bad addresses or calling invalid phone numbers.

Today’s dealers are gathering information across thousands of data points. However, many are struggling to tie it all together and deliver the personal experiences today’s consumers expect.

Learn how you can make more money and improve your customer experience by:

  • Analyzing and adjusting your phone processes Regularly taking stock of your data hygiene – especially if you’re thinking of switching CRMs!
  • Taking clear notes in your customer records so every salesperson has a 360 picture of the customer
  • Logging every prospect every time – no exceptions Sharing your information with other stores in your dealer group
  • Read the article to learn how you can do keep your most valuable asset (your customer data) clean and ready to bring you more deals.

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