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Connecting with Your Customers

Podcast: Connecting with Your Customers

Connecting with your customer has moved from persuading a customer to purchase a vehicle with persuasive pitches to a more genuine exchange built on creating a connection. By the time customers enter your showroom, they are well beyond seeing what the market has to offer. Instead, they are looking for reasons not to do business with you.

In this episode of AutoSuccess Magazine’s weekly podcast, Bill Wittenmyer outlines the positive qualities your interactions can lead to the sale, rather than the high-intensity sales pitch.

Additional lessons learned include:


  • Shifting our focus from the sale to a focus on the three (3) C’s – conversation, connection, and convenience,
  • Creating a solid foundation for a genuine experience before the customer arrives at your dealership using a hybrid sales-BDC approach,
  • Establish a solid relationship for future business using a vehicle exchange program in your service lane to identify customers in positive equity situations, and
  • How to nurture a strong, long-lasting relationship with the customer that focuses less on the sell, and more on the person-to-person connection.

When all is said and done, how a customer feels about you determines if they purchase now, use your service department for maintenance later, and make their next purchase with you in the future.

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