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Power of One: Making Every Message Count

Power of One: Making Every Message Count

Every consumer wants to feel like they are doing business with someone personally invested in his or her satisfaction.  Personalized marketing will elevate retention and reaffirm a positive relationship with your customers. How do we reach audiences so that we put our best face forward and provide the consumer information relevant to his/her life?  A good place to start is consistency. All outbound communications to a customer should contain consistent, pertinent information about your dealership.

  • Do you have a loyalty program? Include a tag line for it in your outbound emails, especially to consumers who have purchased from you.
  • Do you offer shuttle service to service appointments? Make sure to communicate convenience to your customers, not just in fixed ops messaging but also in your sales pitch.
  • Seasonal maintenance reminders throughout the year provide a touch point for consumers on the go.  Make sure your customers don’t stall out when it comes to routine maintenance reminders to keep one of their most valuable investments in top working condition.
  • The ability to manage your communications with customers from one centralized location will ensure that you are consistently tracking your engagements and interactions with your customers by identifying what messages and services resonate with them.
  • Tailor your messages to mirror your sales to service hand-off process. Ensure your consumer has a single point of contact for sales and service. If you’ve centralized your information – your sales team should be able to see who the assigned service advisor is and vice versa.
  • Make every message from the store personalized to the customer, and from their specific point of contact with you.

Present your dealership as more concerned with the customer’s needs than with turning a profit, and you will generate more recurring revenue.

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