Manufacturer recalls reached an epic 64 million in 2014. That’s more than double the previous calendar year record of 30.8 million in 2004, according to Automotive News. With recalls affecting every one of our clients and most of their customers, we are excited to be rolling out an innovative new product in the near future called RECALL1ONE. One state-of-the-art feature included is the real-time dashboard that alerts dealers of customers who have open recalls that are yet to be resolved. Furthermore, RECALL1ONE offers a live call service to generate increased service appointments for customers with recall items, as well as coordination of real-time parts availability. Other features include campaign overviews, as well as KPI metrics and even a multi-channel re-targeting function that engages non-responders.

Designed to provide customers the best possible experience when facing manufacturer recalls, RECALL1ONE streamlines the process to give dealers the opportunity to generate future service work and increase profit and market share.

As the automotive industry continues to change and evolve, ELEAD1ONE is committed to doing so, as well. Through consistent evaluation of the marketplace, we adjust and expand our product suite to ensure clients have access to the most innovative and forward-thinking technology for strategic business advantage. We look forward to the rollout of this new product and others in the future!

Good selling!
Bill Wittenmyer