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Fixed Operations Technology Takes Center Stage at Digital Dealer 22

Fixed Operations Technology Takes Center Stage at Digital Dealer 22

Profit-generating strategies for fixed operations has been a hot topic for auto dealers this year. As dealers from the across the United States poured into Tampa for Digital Dealer 22 – the premier automotive retail industry event of the Spring – ELEAD1ONE’s all-in-one core platform GRAVITY and the company’s award-winning service drive technology, Service1One, topped the list of dealership software to watch.  If you weren’t able to join us, here are three things you won’t want to miss:

1. Turn Your Service Drive Into a Profit-Generating Machine

The ever-energetic Bill Wittenmyer provided solid, actionable approaches to help dealers take their service customer experience from average to AWESOME with video and mobile technology.  The highly sought after automotive retail expert and partner at ELEAD1ONE helped kick off day one of the three-day event with valuable insights on leveraging technology to streamline the experience in service and grow customer retention.  Attendees received valuable advice on:

  • How to identify and fix problems in service and parts operations
  • How to create the most efficient, streamlined service experience
  • How to develop effective marketing processes and build lasting customer relationships

Click here to download Bill Wittenmyer’s full PDF presentation.



2. The Buzz: Service1One and Service Drive Technology

With service bringing in 7-10 times more transactions than the front-end of the dealership, maximizing service-based technologies to generate higher profits was a trending topic at this year’s Digital Dealer and in the ELEAD1ONE booth.

ELEAD1ONE’s Service1One platform offers retailers a retention suite that improves shop productivity, brings in more customers, and increases RO transactions, while providing motorists a world-class customer experience that helps keep them loyal for all their service needs. The game-changing suite consists of an online scheduler, mobile greeting lane tool, electronic MPI/shop management software, and automated marketing suite that boost profits and delivers the level of service today’s consumers expect.

3. Reclaiming (and Converting) Service Business

Industry leaders and vendors are challenging dealers to think critically about the attention we pay to fixed operations marketing efforts. It’s no surprise that independent and national service brands are winning 2/3rds of consumer spend on service – the average dealership allocates 3% or less of the total website content to the service department. From quality content that boosts placement in local search results to capturing and converting mobile visitors with personalized content, DealerOn is leading the digital conversation and providing actionable digital strategies to drive Fixed Ops growth.

Forward-thinking dealers and groups are partnering with industry gurus like ELEAD1ONE and DealerOn to take back control of their service conversation and growth with dedicated fixed operations sales and marketing platforms.

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