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7 Coaching Tips

7 Coaching Tips for High Performance Teams

Let’s face it, sales training is usually boring for everyone involved – but it doesn’t have to be. If your regularly-scheduled sales meetings are starting to feel repetitive, it’s time to think outside the box and focus on up-skilling your team.

Without ongoing training and coaching, any team’s sales skills begin to stagnate. Seasoned reps might find themselves in a rut, focusing on the next number and the same tried and true tactics (that don’t work well, to begin with). Newer members of the team might struggle to pick up sales methods or processes, and subsequently, fail to stay on pace.

One of the easiest ways to provide ongoing training is to coach your team and help them focus on the big picture. We’ve identified coaching ideas that you can incorporate into your sales meetings to boost performance and have included a playable video link on the topic from industry veteran Bill Wittenmyer that you can share with your team.


1. Are you a “Me Guy” or a “We Guy”
Great salespeople are always about the team and helping to build up the people around them. Challenge your team to find three ways “WE” can improve before the next meeting. This encourages your team to look outward, and often front-line employees come up with the best ideas for improving customer experience.

2. How to Make a Good Sales Month Great
We can always take a good month and push for a great month. Getting results starts with doing the hardest tasks first, every day. Once you knock that out, and everything else is a piece of cake.

3. Six Degrees of Separation
For many sales reps, capturing referrals is a lost art – but it doesn’t have to be. Remind your team about the importance of maintaining genuine relationships with customers and always ask for referrals (what’s the worse thing that will happen?).

4. Shut Up & Listen More
Seriously, most salespeople tend to talk entirely too much. Pair your team up for practice pitches where reps focus on actively listening and tailoring conversations to the customer rather than waiting for a turn to talk.

5. If I Out Call You, I Will Out Connect You
Sales is a numbers game. So how can your team gather more opportunities to close a deal and build new relationships? The answer is simple – if I out call you, I’ll connect more. Challenge your team to increase calls by just three more per day and track results.

6. Fight the Sales Slump
Rallying the team during a sales slump is one of the hardest tasks any sales leader faces. During slow months, engage your team in talking openly about what has been successful in the past and what tasks they dislike the most. Then build a plan to scale up the volume on those activities they put off. That’s the winning recipe to fight any sales slump.

7. Be a Salesman, Not a Yes-Man
Too often, many of us agree to everything a customer wants in an attempt to make them happy. Remember, customers aren’t always looking for a yes – they’re looking for the information they need to make the best decision. Engage your seasoned team members to share tips with newbies on how to stop handing out free fries with the purchase of every vehicle.

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