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Three Strategies a Dealership Must Master to Effectively Communicate with Auto Consumers

Three Strategies a Dealership Must Master

Connect in a Way the Consumer Wants to Communicate

Eighty percent of auto buyers contact the dealership by phone, and mobile shoppers contact the dealership by phone 26 times to every online lead form generated. Whether its phone, text message or online chat, today’s auto consumers want to connect and gather information quickly and efficiently.

The average store misses 115 calls per month. For an advantage over your competitors, consider using an outsourced contact center as a backstop for inbound overflow and after hour’s communication.

Follow Up Quickly with Effective Communication

Salespeople do not persistently attempt to contact the customer by phone after two unsuccessful attempts, and less than 20 percent attempt to schedule an appointment or record customer information for future follow up. Consumers are three-times more likely to visit your showroom if responded to in less than ten minutes. Sixty percent of those leads will make firm appointments when asked, and 50 percent of serious buyers, who schedule an appointment, will purchase that day.

Be Flexible, Intuitive and Reactive with Engagement

Informative engagement based on accurate customer information and feedback is the key to an effective communication strategy. A third-party will yield a 95 percent opportunity survey completion rate with better information gathered and more honest feedback. Accelerate the buying cycle and be first to market with pertinent communication – from OEM-level programs and incentives to targeted used vehicle campaigns. Consider using an outsourced contact center for the ‘heavy-lifting’ of targeted marketing initiatives, such as unsold follow up, or data mining campaigns. A personal touch with ‘hand raisers’ can be extended by your internal BDC.

-Bill Wittenmyer

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