Automotive Marketing

Deliver the perfect message at the perfect time

With the right automotive marketing strategy, you can reach customers with event-based messages proven to convert.

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How can a multi-channel dealership marketing solution change your business?

My dealership needs:
To Have More Conversations That Convert
More Complete Customer Data
To Cultivate Loyalty
More Efficient Communication with Customers
To Capture More Service Opportunities

Four Tips for a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Newspapers and TV are the traditional giants of a dealership marketing strategy. But relying solely on these two channels constricts your reach. Every year, fewer people gravitate to the traditional, and new avenues gain steam.

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Which automotive marketing solutions could have a big impact on your dealership?

Automotive BDC


What would change for your dealership if you could follow up the right way with every customer you serve? How could immediate, actionable feedback help you retain more customers, identify holes in your process and close more deals?

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Shopping Intelligence

Shopping Intelligence

Do you know what shoppers are searching for on your website and beyond? When you have the context of your users' browsing data, you can provide them all the information they need so they can make quick purchasing decisions.

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Service Marketing

Automated Service Marketing

Could you create more service opportunities, capture more customer pay ROs, and deliver more traffic to your dealership's lane if you leveraged the power of event-triggered marketing campaigns?

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Text Messaging Marketing

Today’s customers want information quickly. Could using a fast, inexpensive and reliable method of messaging help boost communication with your customers and keep conversations moving quickly?

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Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

How great would it be if you never had to worry about keeping up with customer follow-up again? A virtual BDC assistant makes your email lead follow-up easy, seamless and available during all hours of the day.

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Your fully-integrated automotive software platform includes:

Automotive CRM

CRM Suite

Capture and manage your leads more effectively while providing a superbly integrated customer experience.

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Marketing Suite

Marketing Suite

Execute marketing campaigns with automation and triggers that make communication simple.

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Automotive Service

Service Suite

Manage your service drive more efficiently so you can increase your absorption rate and see a higher ROI.

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"After working with Elead and establishing the right processes for my dealership, our internet lead coverage has improved drastically and I can rest at night knowing our potential customers are no longer falling through the cracks."

- Dan Sills
General Manager at Elder Ford

"Elead does a fantastic job handling our outbound and incoming calls for service. Having products that you can customize and support that understands our business makes Elead an easy decision."

- Tom Lacey
Don Jenkins Automotive Group

"Automated Service Marketing provides fantastic results, great customer service, and detailed reporting. Great feedback from customers as well!"

- Nate Pribble
Rivard Buick GMC

Dealer Resources

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How Virtual Assistants (AI) Help Retain More Service Customers

The current inventory shortage presents a problem for dealership Service departments.

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Automotive Service

Keep the Summer Sales Steady with Service

Though pent-up demand has made sales soar for some, it's prudent to focus on all revenue streams.

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Automotive CRM

Top Tips from the Dealer Support Webinar Series

We’re wrapping up the top tips from the Elead Dealer Support Webinar series so far.

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