Automated Service Marketing

Create more opportunities, capture more customer pay ROs and deliver more traffic to your dealership with automated car dealer service marketing.

Are you getting results from your automotive service marketing?

If your dealership’s marketing isn’t helping you catch more opportunities and retain more customers, it’s simply not doing enough.

Can your team execute your marketing plan?

Would it be helpful if you could outsource or automate email and call campaigns, direct mail, personalized messaging and recall efforts to create new service opportunities?

How effective is your service retention marketing?

Are your customers staying loyal throughout the entire lifecycle - and longer? Can you execute event-triggered marketing campaigns that keep customers coming back time after time?

Do your marketing strategies keep your bays full?

Absorption rate will make or break your dealership. Are you providing enough traffic to your service lane with marketing campaigns that actually convert?

automotive service marketing

Ready to close more car sales and service with automated marketing?

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How can marketing software help your auto dealership?

Are you taking advantage of automation?

Automated service marketing allows you to create triggers for important events, so you can set it and forget it while still enjoying great results.

Can you target your dealership’s needs?

Get custom campaigns that focus on your most important needs: defector prevention, declined services marketing, lost customer recovery, appointment reminders, retention and more.

Can you measure the ROI on your marketing efforts?

Campaign dashboards give insight into which marketing strategies are delivering the highest and lowest ROI for your dealership so you can optimize your budget.

Put your auto service marketing on AutoPilot.

Personal 1-to-1 call campaigns allow you to build solid relationships and collect better information from the very first call. With predictive behavior modeling, you can gauge the best times to connect with specific customers, know what marketing message to deliver for maximum results and discover which customers are most likely to defect. This allows you to tailor multi-channel marketing strategies and automated processes to the individual’s specific preferences and needs – all without adding more staff.

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"Elead does a fantastic job handling our outbound and incoming calls for service. Having products that you can customize and support that understands our business makes Elead an easy decision."

- Tom Lacey
Don Jenkins Automotive Group

"Automated Service Marketing provides fantastic results, great customer service, and detailed reporting. Great feedback from customers as well!"

- Nate Pribble
Rivard Buick GMC

"Automated Service Marketing has been a great asset for us, with efficient monthly reporting and productive Marketing Managers."

- Bob Calvaneso
Pearson Infiniti

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