Shopper Intelligence

Know what your customers are thinking so you can communicate smarter.

Are you able to track and analyze online shopping behavior on your website and beyond?

Would it help your dealership’s communication strategy if you could connect with customers at just the right time and provide them the right information so they can make faster, more intelligent decisions?

Do you know what auto shoppers are doing on your website?

What if you could view website browsing activities and have that behavior data linked back to their record in your CRM?

Do you know where else your customers are browsing?

Access a centralized view of online consumer behavior, including VDPs on third-party sites, top vehicles viewed, trade evaluation portals and conquest browsing.

Do buyers have the information they need to make quick decisions?

When you know what vehicles they’re searching for, or what they’re looking to trade in, you can proactively provide information that helps speed up their purchase process.

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Can dealership shopping intelligence tools make a difference for your business?

Can you see your customers’ online shopping behavior?

Knowing what your customers are doing online can help you sell more cars. Automotive browsing behavior data detailed inside your CRM triggers alerts that give insight so you can connect faster with the exact information they are seeking.

Are competitors conquesting your customers?

If you could know in advance when your customers are shopping competitors or other brands, would you be more proactive with your customer relationship management and engagement?

Are you communicating the right messages at the right time?

Having insight into what your customers are browsing for lets you know exactly what information they need in their buying decision. Deliver relevant and contextual information to help them accelerate car purchasing decisions.

An aggregated web activity dashboard helps keep browsing data organized so you can turn insights into income.

Track online automotive shopping behavior into the CRM, triggering alerts when browsing activities requires action. Then, you can trigger task assignments for your sales or BDC teams, with varying levels of customization. Your dashboard will provide full visibility of the shopping behavior, drilling down into VDPs on third-party sites, top vehicles viewed, trade evaluation portals and conquest browsing.

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"Elead is tried and true. It talks with our DMS the way we need it to and gives us real-time data updates. We get the costing correct - right from the start."

- Rusty Gentry
Pat Lobb's Toyota of McKinney

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