Introducing ELEAD1ONE Call Pro! A team of Virtual BDC and in-store phone communication experts dedicated to supporting our ELEAD Contact Center Clients. What’s the biggest benefit for you? The ability to design and maintain effective KPIs that not only grow in-store phone processes to higher levels, but also provide accountability measures to ensure your communication strategies are performing at levels of peak performance.

A Team Dedicated to Your Success. The Call Pro Team consists of in-store trainers as well as account and performance managers who strategically help you analyze communication methods with consumers on an ongoing basis. Their primary focus is to develop a fully customized communication strategy based on the store’s needs that drive Maximum Successful Results:

  • Education on ELEAD Contact Center Functionality
  • vBDC and Customer Engagement – Campaigns and Call Scripts
  • Training on Handling of Alert Notifications
  • Best Practice Follow Up and VIP Processes

The Call Pro Team delivers not only on-site dealership training, but also provides ongoing support that is so important to maintain strong and consistent communication with your most important asset…customers!

What You Can Expect. Training is customized to fit each dealership’s already established in-store processes across all departments. Performance and account managers compliment the training team by providing monthly support to every ELEAD Contact Center client. They help dealers review performance reports, adjust processes accordingly, and communicate internally with the customer contact facility to ensure clients are receiving the maximum return on their investment.

  • Evaluate Campaign Effectiveness
  • Review and Capitalize on Business Opportunities
  • Dealership Report Card Analysis

The ELEAD1ONE Call Pro Team gives dealers the tools and guidance needed to communicate effectively throughout the customer journey. Additionally, dashboards keep clients 100 percent in communication with the contact center.

We understand that ongoing, dedicated training, support, and communication are imperative to the success of our relationship with our clients and most importantly to the success of their businesses. We wouldn’t have it any other way!