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Elead Partners with Salesforce

Elead Partners with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Elead Partners With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Enterprise Email Delivery Platform

About Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides powerful digital marketing platform and consultative services to help enterprise marketers deliver data-driven campaigns and real-time communications, fueling customer engagement, increasing sales, and improving return on marketing investments. Leading global brands like Microsoft, Ford, Nike, Bank of America, Expedia, and yes, even the world’s largest toy maker, Mattel, rely on Salesforce Marketing Cloud to engage their customers with email.

Elead harnesses Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) to provide digital marketers the most powerful email management and delivery solution in the automotive vertical allowing dealers to deliver targeted, relevant messages across all digital channels — including email, mobile, social, and the web.  Auto retailers will be able to consolidate all data to provide a common view of the customer and engage them in real time.

Elead will roll out this exciting new, cloud-based digital marketing hub late Q4 2016, giving dealers the best email management solution available in today’s automotive industry. Dealers will instantly enjoy hundreds of benefits that provide an excellent source of ROI, security, stability, and best practice consulting from email marketing experts!

Elead Digital Marketing Hub services include:

Design the Customer Experience

  • Designed for do-it-yourselfers
  • Assistance with campaign strategy and planning
  • Lifecycle management
  • Personalization
  • Customer experience Design

Build and Execute the Customer Journey

  • Designed for do-it-yourselfers
  • Technical build and launch assistance
  • Campaign management and optimization assistance
  • CRM enablement
  • Data integration

Deliverability Remediation

Through their Global Support, Deliverability Operations, and Deliverability Services Teams, SMC provides deliverability remediation for blocking, blacklisting, and any spam folder issues. SMC will also handle all interaction with ISPs, receivers, and blacklist operators on your behalf.

Deliverability Tools

The Elead Marketing Hub includes the following email deliverability tools and services:

  • List Detective automatically reviews each list and looks for syntax errors that include incomplete email addresses, have typographical errors, or are dead domains/spam traps.
  • Content Detective scans content before the email is sent, identifying spam words, and phrases.
  • Receiver Feedback Loops in place for all ISPs that offer them, and subscribers who click the Report Spam button are automatically set to an unsubscribed status.
  • Active Volume and Connection Limits include optimized mail transfer agents that send mail meeting connection and rate limits set by receivers.
  • Domain Monitoring manages the number of connections opened for each ISP at any time to reduce volume filtering.
  • Marketing Cloud Abuse Desk will respond to unsubscribe requests and spam complaints to your emails. (Provided by SMC)
  • ISP Remediation works with mail receivers to help ensure inbox delivery.
  • Dedicated IP’s for Large Accounts offers a private network to ensure optimal security and deliverability with the ability to provide multiple IP addresses based on the business needs of the dealer.
  • Bounce Log Analysis provided by experts to find the cause of a deliverability issue and leverage ISP remediation to find a resolution.
  • Deliverability by Domain Report provides detailed information for every domain receiving an email communication, including metrics such as delivered, bounces (hard vs. soft), unsubscribes, opens, and clicks.
  • Private Domain (optional) offer privatize label URLs, email header, bounce domain, and click domains.
  • Sender Authentication managed Sender Policy Framework, Sender ID, DomainKeys, and DKIM records for domains. Domain authentication protocols are key to brand protection and deliverability optimization.  Management is customized and flexible — via a client-delegated domain or client-managed DNS records.

Feedback Loops and ISPs

The Elead Marketing Hub platform has ISP complaint feedback loops (FBLs) setup with all ISPs that offer them publicly, plus a few feedback loops available only to select senders. You can classify non-commercial if you send additional transactional mail to that subscriber.

ISPs where we have a complaint feedback loop in place include:

  • AOL/Compuserve
  • Bluetie
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink
  • Fastmail
  • MSN Hotmail/Live/Outlook
  • (by client request)
  • Outblaze/ Live
  • Rackspace/Mailtrust
  • Road Runner
  • Synacor
  • Terra
  • Tucows/Open SRS/HostedEmail
  • United Online
  • Yahoo! (requires DK/DKIM authentication)
  • Zoho (by client request)

Deliverability Monitoring

The Elead Marketing Hub platform offers various email monitoring options, including Blacklist Detective and Bounce Detective. Blacklist Detective monitors all Marketing Cloud IPs daily/hourly against approximately 75 blacklists. Bounce Detective provides proactive monitoring of emails in progress. Alerts are sent when a given domain is experiencing blocking over a specified percentage and finds blocking quickly — even mid-send.  Both tools can be configured on a per client basis to provide proactive email notification of blocks, blacklisting, and throttling. Additional monitoring/alerting options are available via our Return Path integration.

Deliverability Testing

With the Elead Marketing Hub platform, you can test emails before deployment, ensuring messages arrive in your subscribers’ mailboxes the way you intended and minimize deliverability issues before they happen.  Our Content Detective tool helps you identify spam triggers by scanning the subject line and message body for words and phrases that raise alerts to SPAM blockers. Content Detective mirrors the logic used by spam filtering software to identify words, phrases, and patterns likely to trigger filters, then recommends a resolution to each identified problem.

Our Reputation Audit system gives you an on-demand review of blacklists, complaints, DNS/HELO validation, and authentication status, and includes Spam Assassin filter testing.

You can run our Validate tool to check your email message for common issues that could prevent a send. Validate ensures the email is CAN-SPAM compliant by checking for the following required elements in an email message:

  • Presence of an unsubscribe link
  • Presence of a physical mailing address
  • Correct syntax for attributes

For dynamic content, Validate ensures each area of content specified in the rule exists. If your email contains personalization strings, Validate checks them against the dealer’s subscriber attributes or data extension fields.

Blacklisting and Blocking Prevention

Blacklisting and blocking are based on factors such as subscriber complaints, sends to invalid addresses, and subscriber engagement, as well as spam traps. The Elead Marketing Hub platform provide tools that give dealers metric-driven insight into deliverability — from tracking and reporting and Bounce/Blacklist Detectives to the Return Path Inbox Tools suite, along with consulting support to help clients change their email practices to meet subscribers’ needs and keep from running afoul of receivers’ anti-spam measures.


The main ISPs with whitelists are Yahoo and AOL where IP addresses are whitelisted. It is important to note ISPs do not provide blanket whitelisting to ESPs in a way that protects deliverability from suffering due to issues with permission and reputation. As such, whitelisting is only a small part of the deliverability equation.

ISP Relationships

Email service providers do not maintain relationships with ISPs because this is not typically offered as a service. However, service providers work with a multitude of ISPs, inbox providers, and anti-spam vendors/organizations daily, through formal and informal channels, to successfully remediate deliverability issues. An automated system for managing complaints from specific ISPs is normally established when configuring sending infrastructures of most email service providers.

Deliverability Rate

Delivery rate is dependent on an individual client’s and their email marketing practices.  Elead has spent a tremendous amount of time and resources to improve the deliverability rates by offering a unique combination of products, services, and technology — all of which are included below and backed by our dedicated deliverability team:

  • List Detective Import Filtering/Warning
  • Feedback Loop Automatic Processing
  • Bounce Mail Management
  • Trusted Domains Tables
  • Inbox Detective
  • Deliverability Report Cards
  • Blacklist Detective
  • Domain Performance Reporting
  • Sender Authentication Package


Deliverability Consulting Services Provided by SMC

  • Deliverability Performance Scorecard
  • Sender Score Analysis per IP
  • Deliverability 101 Best Practices Workshop
  • ISP Remediation Services Team
  • Deliverability Audit Assessment

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