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Could automotive service scheduling software help your service drive run more efficiently?

Are you and your customers frustrated by your service scheduling?

Give customers control over scheduling and take the heavy lifting off your staff’s shoulders.

Do customers find your scheduling process inconvenient?

How many more appointments could you book if customers could schedule service online, from any device, at any time that is convenient for them?

Do you have trouble managing the service drive schedule?

Could automatic scheduling help you eliminate double bookings and data duplication, organize appointments into one clear view, and manage available appointments for maximum efficiency?

Could your staff use more time?

Online service scheduling and automatic appointment reminders mean less time on the phone for your staff, so that they can focus on the customers in the service drive.

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How can appointment scheduling software help your dealership?

Can a better experience help schedule more appointments?

Customers want a smooth experience where they can schedule service online or with a call. And they don’t want to fill out vehicle or personal info more than once.

Do you fully understand your staffing needs?

Easily track key stats to see how many service advisors and technicians you truly need, plus manage the number of available appointments for your team.

Are you collecting enough useful data?

Online scheduling helps collect more customer, vehicle and purchase habit data for future marketing, all of which are tied back to the customer record in the CRM.

Does your service drive always run on time?

Create an automatically balanced workload so that your advisors have the time they need, and customers have realistic expectations of when their vehicle will be ready.

No matter the preference, everyone wins.

Online scheduling is great for those customers who don’t want to schedule an appointment over the phone or who need an afterhours scheduling tool. But for those who do prefer the phone, you can integrate with your BDC to schedule appointments directly in the DMS.

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"Elead does a fantastic job handling our outbound and incoming calls for service. Having products that you can customize and support that understands our business makes Elead an easy decision."

- Tom Lacey
Don Jenkins Automotive Group

"Since our adoption of the Elead Service tools, we have seen our profitability and customer satisfaction improve. Timely and accurate reporting and tools allow me to make the best business decisions for my service department."

- Dan Barber
Mercedes-Benz of Daytona Beach

"It’s the most complete Lane and Shop platform on the market. It allows us to communicate with customers quickly and clearly.”

- Chris Cady
Managing Partner, Scott Clark Toyota

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