Multi-Point Inspection Software

Can you sell more service with a powerful, electronic process to ensure that vehicles get a multi-point inspection on every visit?

Are you capturing every possible service opportunity?

When you provide a multi-point inspection on every visit, you can offer additional service options through text and video to increase customer pay ROs.

Are you capturing opportunities while building trust?

A multi-point inspection tool promotes consistency, improves quality of work and ensures that your technicians are capturing every possible service opportunity.

How would improving employee productivity help your dealership?

Eliminate bottlenecks between parts and service to keep your techs and advisors informed and working cohesively, speed up communication and track employee efficiency rates.

Do you struggle getting quick approvals on work uncovered during inspection?

Text integration makes it easier to communicate issues to customers and faster to get approvals. Videos can be used to improve transparency and increase follow-up sales when services are declined.

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How can MPI software help your dealership?

Are you transparent enough with your customers?

Showing and not telling is a great way to prove yourself to customers. If you can send video and images of parts needing repair, it will provide transparency and help build trust.

Are you collecting enough of the right data?

Track the impact of video and images on RO completions, measure ASRs by amount or op code, determine additional revenue opportunities and view declined services.

Does your service drive always run on time?

Create an automatically balanced workload so that your advisors have the time they need, and customers have realistic expectations of when their vehicle will be ready.

Are you missing upsell opportunities?

Marketing integrations help you capture more declined services and re-engage former customers so you can turn a higher profit.

Have you closed the gap between sales and service?

Determine well-maintained vehicles for exchange and to build your used car inventory so you can save on the cost of used vehicles.


"It’s the most complete Lane and Shop platform on the market. It allows us to communicate with customers quickly and clearly.”

- Chris Cady
Managing Partner, Scott Clark Toyota

"With media attached to the MPI, we get a 7-percent higher close ratio with Elead Service. The videos are invaluable, and really help build credibility.”

- Jack Holcomb
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