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With the support of an experienced automotive BDC, you can have more productive conversations with your customers, capitalize on every lead and sell more cars and service.

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How can automotive CRM software change your business?

My dealership needs:
To Have More Conversations That Convert
More Complete Customer Data
Improved Customer Feedback
A More Productive Team
To Capture More Service Opportunities



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Discover 5 Outbound Call Campaigns that Deliver Results

How do you execute call campaigns so that customers and prospects are truly engaged with your business? In this free guide, you’ll discover high-performance business development campaigns critical to helping you grow profits.

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Which automotive BDC services could have a big impact on your dealership?

Your customers have unique communication needs. Virtual BDC services help expand your communication channels so you can increase your contact rates. Live calls, texting, email and IVR calls are available but may be limited in specific campaigns or programs.

inbound response

Inbound Response

Nothing makes a customer contact your competition faster than unanswered communication or being passed around to unmanned extensions at your dealership. When your staff is busy, send overflow communication to a virtual BDC to ensure customer inquiries are answered immediately, without sacrificing the customer experience on the showroom floor.

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outbound follow up

Outbound Follow Up

Does your staff have the time to create new relationships and nurture existing leads that haven’t sold? Utilizing a virtual BDC for outbound campaigns can bring in new opportunities and convert existing leads without taxing your staff.

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fixed ops bdc

Fixed Ops BDC

Your service drive is the powerhouse of your dealership. If you have a dedicated BDC staff, you can keep your shop full and save time for service advisors so they can focus on building stronger relationships in the drive.

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data equity mining

Data Equity Mining

To do owner marketing the right way, you need someone dedicated to scouring your database for qualified candidates in a buying position, making the outreach and using the right language and tactics to close the sale.

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csi reputation

CSI / Reputation

Using third-party services for follow up allows your customers the freedom to give objective feedback on their experience. With proactive outreach, you can solve issues before it affects your CSI score, ends up as a bad review on the internet, or costs you a customer.

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appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders

Do you really want your staff to spend their valuable time reaching out to customers to remind them of appointments? Having backup in this area can make sure customers are aware of and show up for appointments while not tying up your best staff members on basic communication.

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Your fully-integrated automotive software platform includes:

Automotive BDC

CRM Suite

Capture and manage your leads more effectively while providing a superbly integrated customer experience.

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Automotive Marketing

Marketing Suite

Execute effective marketing campaigns with automation and triggers that make communicating with your customers easier than ever.

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Automotive Service

Service Suite

Manage your service drive more efficiently so you can increase your absorption rate and see a higher ROI.

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Dealer Resources

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