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Get What You Want From Your Next Automotive CRM With This Checklist

Get What You Want From Your Next Automotive CRM With This Checklist

Most dealers are painfully aware of what part of their current system they are unhappy with, but far fewer have considered exactly what they want or need. This makes it incredibly difficult to make an effective apples-to-apples comparison when evaluating dealership CRM software systems. As a result, buyers are more susceptible to being sold a complicated system that doesn’t meet the organization’s needs, or purchasing an off-the-shelf tool that only offers a surface level of functionality.

To help you gain a greater understanding of your needs, complete the following three-part automotive CRM buyer's checklist. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to make a more informed decision while feeling better prepared for the challenges that come with change.

Part One: Debate Why You Are Considering a Change

  • What main challenge with your current system is driving you to invest in a different CRM?
  • What operational challenges do you need to solve?
  • What features does your Sales team want in a CRM?
  • How do your customers want you to improve the ways you communicate?
  • Why did you choose your digital retailing partner, and what integration is there with your CRM?
  • How does your team leverage the mobile app?
  • What processes do you lack that would improve the customer experience?
  • How much customer data do you have, and what condition is it in?
  • What information do you need to collect for actionable insights, and how is it gathered?
  • Who is your call tracking partner and what level of integration do they have with your CRM?

Part Two: Decide What You Would Like to Get From Your New CRM

  • Can you provide a connected, modern online to in-store shopping experience?
  • Is data easily imported/exported or shared in real time via API?
  • What mobile functionality is available for your employees and customers?
  • What texting capabilities are offered, and how are they tracked in the customer record?
  • How is video integrated into communications and into the customer record?
  • Is it possible to quickly and easily segment customer lists for marketing campaigns?
  • Are both Sales and Service data and transactions tracked in the customer record?
  • Do the digital retailing, desking and F&I tools fully integrate with penny-perfect accuracy?
  • What types of reports and dashboards are available, and are they easy to create and customize?

Part Three: Determine What Using the New System Will Be Like

  • Is it easy to customize the system and workflows to support your business model and processes?
  • How long does implementation take?
  • Does the CRM integrate with tools you already use?
  • What are your training and long-term support options?
  • Who is your call tracking partner, and what level of integration do they have with your CRM?
  • Do you have access to an open API network to seamlessly share data with your vendors?
  • Are you leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?
  • Can you easily leverage your customer database to acquire inventory?
  • Can the new CRM help your team turn Service customers into Sales opportunities?

The Choice Is Yours
Working through this checklist will help you determine what you’ll need to streamline your business, increase profitability and strengthen your customer relationships. And while changing your CRM may seem like a big project, once you’ve made the right choice for your dealership, it’ll pay dividends for years to come.

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