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(Atlanta, GA) — May 25, 2016   — The leader in automotive CRM, customer contact management, and service drive technology, ELEAD1ONE announced it won four awards in the 12th annual Dealers’ Choice Awards by Auto Dealer Today. ELEAD1ONE is awarded two Diamond Awards for its virtual BDC and data mining technology, and two Platinum awards for its CRM and digital marketing platforms. This is the sixth consecutive year the Dealers’ Choice Awards recognized the company’s CRM platform. ELEAD1ONE has received a total of 12 awards this year: six (6) DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards, two (2) Automotive Website Awards, and four (4) ADT Dealers’ Choice Awards. Read More

I recently moved into a new house. The first day consisted of closing on the house I sold, followed by the new house closing. Afterward, as I approached my new home, I noticed my brand new refrigerator sitting in my yard with the door handles lying on the driveway. And, the people delivering my new toy were standing in my living room looking at doors trying to decide how they were going to get this monster into my kitchen. Read More

With our customer’s demand for a rapid response and an increasingly complex business environment, the need to evolve in our behaviors and in our thinking has no longer become optional.  ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer contends that  changing the fight may be the best solution if you and your team feel your dealership’s growth has become stagnate.  Learn the four easy ways to evolve your business acumen in Bill’s February 2016 AutoSuccess Magazine editorial.

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It’s that time of year. Our families and friends have just left and now the clean up begins. Even though there’s so much we are trying to cram in to close out the year — our yearly goals are at stake if we lose focus. We knew this week was approaching all holiday season long yet we seem to be caught off guard by the question “what are we going to do to finish our year strong?”

I’ve always looked at my sales team like I do my car. I take good care of her to insure she is clean, well maintained, and ready to go fast. As the miles pile on and she no longer has the new car smell and luster I start to neglect her. I’ll wash her when I have time. My tires and brakes and oil change can wait another couple thousand miles. She sits in my garage on ”trade” until I do something about that. Read More

Old Dogs Should Learn New Tricks