Think back to a time that maybe you had gone a while without a customer or an opportunity. When you finally got that customer, what did you do? What did you see others do? I remember a salesperson that I worked with named Don. Don would literally have the customer move in with him. His welcomes appeared as if he was greeting a friend not seen in years. This customer would have an experience like no other. They would need to “pack a lunch,” because Don would meet with the customer for hours – not wasteful hours but quality time and the customer never complained. Don would get to know everything about the customers, their family, and what they wanted or needed. Don’s vehicle walk around would make the designing engineer blush. He would get in the trunk of the car to show the room and hang on the door to demonstrate the strength of the hinges. You name it; Don did it and did it very well – like it was his last customer or last sales opportunity. To the customer, it was an experience like none they had ever received.

We have all either done this at some point or seen it in action. We hang on to the customer and don’t let go – heck, at some of the stores where I worked, you could go for days without a customer visiting the showroom floor. They would not always close or buy then, or ever. Most did because we gave the customer an experience that separated us from anyone else. What if we gave the “last sale ever” experience to EVERY opportunity? What if we treated every day as the end of the month? It’s easy to go into hyper-drive at the end of the month when the opportunities are plentiful. We’re talking about a full-throttled effort to really listening to what your customers have to say by asking engaging questions about their lives. Make them feel that time isn’t a factor. Don truly made the customer forget to look at their watch or smartphone to see how long they had already spent on the showroom floor because his walk around were so engaging and active.

Give your opportunities the “Don” treatment:

  • Use your CRM to treat every opportunity as if it were your last. Reach out to give every opportunity quality information such eBrochures and comparative cars breakdowns.
  • Pick up the phone and call every follow-up. Use your daily organizer to streamline and remind you.
  • Channel the energy found at the end of the month throughout the month. Your attitude during the sluggish times will be renewed, and your customers will feed off that energy.

At times, people don’t answer because they are busy but we sometimes assume it’s because they are not interested. Follow up and check in with your customer. Sometimes they need a little prompting, for others it can be a sign you need to move on to the next opportunity. Moving on will allow you to give the “Don” treatment to another customer. If you are not treating each of your opportunities as if they were your last, then someone else will. I would say Don, but after years of success, I am pretty sure he is happily retired now.

Good Selling

Bill Wittenmyer, Partner