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Name a business, any business. The best leaders in that business clearly define a process for their team. They cement the team to the point that everyone’s actions consistently reflect a cohesive commitment to the process. This ability to sell and deliver process consistency certainly applies to leadership in automotive fixed operations.

I’ve been asked more than once lately, “How can two service departments, of the same franchise, in the same market, roughly the same size, implement the same scheduler, lane and shop service CRM processes, using the same trainers, with opposite results?”

The answer most often lies in the approach of the manager to whom the advisor and technician users report. Read More

As an industry, we have pretty much perfected the process of following up on Internet leads, but we are far from perfect when it comes to handling inbound phone leads. According to CallSource and IHS/Polk research, 84 percent of consumers purchase vehicles from a different dealership than the one they originally called.

The good news is, there’s a huge opportunity to improve. Consumers are using cell phones more than ever for research during the car-buying process. In recent years, this has led to a significant increase in the volume of inbound calls to dealerships, compared with the number of email and Internet leads which have stayed the same or even declined.

When a customer calls your dealership, most times you’ve got one shot to get it right. Which is why converting inbound calls to sales opportunities should be your number one priority. To ensure you don’t drive customers away, follow these tips. Read More

The benefits of having a mobile check-in and MPI process in the service department have been widely confirmed. You’ve probably heard all about the three “T’s;” specifically transparency, timing and trust.

However, one of the biggest unsung benefits is the considerable increase in the usage of the “declined service” op codes. Customers declining service is nothing new. But, a mobile service process makes it easy for you to reach out to recent customers so you can recover that lost revenue. Dealerships that are effective at this process see anywhere from 10 percent of declined services brought back within seven days and up to 25 percent of declined services brought back within a month.

What would that mean to your bottom line? In a larger-than-average dealership, you could discover that you have $400,000 in declined service work every month, and be able to bring back $100,000 of that revenue.

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Did you know credit scores can range as much as 100+ points between bureaus? The average range across all three bureaus is 30-40 points. Even a 10-point range can mean the difference between a Tier 1 and Tier 2 credit score which affects consumers’ interest rates.

Our valued partner 700Credit hosted a webinar exclusively for ELEAD1ONE clients, “The Benefits of Multi-Bureau Pulls: Fund the Best Deal for your Customers” to share how dealers who pull more than one credit score are gaining higher closing ratios and gross profits than dealers who pull only one.  Read More

We’re thrilled to share a recent AutoSuccess feature of one of our successful clients – Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth!

When the owners of Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth in Texas purchased the franchise in July 2017, just 12 vehicles were sold in the month prior to the close. That’s new and used sales, combined. 

“Before we bought the dealership, we examined its overall business operations and sales processes through the customer’s eyes. In one instance, I stood out on the lot for an hour pretending to be a customer. Not one person came out to greet me,” said Chris Hamud, the store’s current partner and co-owner. “In almost every area of the mystery shopping process, one thing was evident — the staff really didn’t seem to care. So once we acquired the store, one of the first things we did was to re-staff, eliminating all but two team members.”

In the first month under new ownership, Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth sold 110 vehicles and ranked No. 1 in Fiat sales in the nation, a title the dealership has held ever since. One year later, the store averages between 270 and 280 car sales per month — a whopping year-over-year sales increase of more than 2,000 percent.

Turning Things Around
After more than two decades of working in the car business, Hamud teamed up with his three brothers and his best friend to form Fort Worth Brothers LLC. It was their dream to buy a dealership, and when they found Alfa Romeo Fiat Fort Worth, they knew it was a diamond in the rough. Read More

Need more leads? Whenever sales are slow, one of the first reactions from salespeople, and sometimes their managers, is to proclaim they need more leads or better leads.

In response, they might run a lead generation campaign which results in a temporary lift in lead volume. The problem is, when the campaign ends, the lead volume drops back to less than optimal levels.

A better, more consistent approach is to build a lead generation process into your culture. The process should also include lead follow up, so you’re maximizing the potential of every lead.

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