At ELEAD Digital, we live at the intersection of technology and marketing. We provide relevant content and communications to further customer engagement by merging analytical data from ELEAD CRM with multiple highly effective mediums. It is analytics meets creativity – e.g. left brain meets right brain.

If you’re picturing a divided house — tech types on one side and creative free spirits on the other — then you are pretty much right on!

The successful blend of art and science provides the framework to design intelligent automated marketing platforms and personalized engagement concepts that fully integrate with ELEAD CRM. The mix allows for relevant information, timely communication, and real-time marketing. While this is not an entirely new approach, it does require an ever-evolving methodology.

Marketing in an analytic, data-driven environment constantly means applying ‘both-brain’ thinking, as well as the adoption of an agile approach.

  • Fluidity vs. following a set path
  • Iterations vs. one-offs
  • Data vs. guesstimates
  • Testing vs. convention
  • Personalized communication vs. targeted marketing

Even as technology helps understand customer intent and define new marketing strategies, the challenge lies in finding the proper balance of informative, yet non-intrusive, communication.

As I log off my laptop, turn off the music (Aerosmith today) and walk out of the office, I begin to ponder. Where is the fine line between providing a personalized marketing message and ‘creeping’ into someone’s personal space?

– Jim Hughes, VP ELEAD Digital