Much of my downtime is spent reading. I read whatever I can get my hands on – this year alone, I have consumed 16 and a half books. I typically stick to business, religion and philosophy. Nouwen, Trimble, Ries, Lencioni, Eldridge, Dyer, Manning – I like them all. I relate to them in various ways, some more than others. As such, some recent reads provoked me to reflect on, “Why we do what we do at ELEAD1ONE?” I could bore you with details about what we do and how we do it. I could describe the world-class infrastructure on which we run, the fact that we churn nearly 100 terabytes of data per day, or that this year we are on pace to reach over 3 billion page views. The fact that we process nearly 250,000 IOPS and have over four petabytes of storage with 800 terabytes of Tier 1 SSD disk, or 24 terabytes of Fluid Cache should be inconsequential.

Huh? Our customers do not care about that stuff.  They are only concerned that we keep the servers up and performing at their best. When I weigh in about what customers think and care about, it makes me ask myself, “What do we care about as a leading SaaS provider?” What makes us do what we do every day? What really drives us to get out of bed each morning and fosters this organization’s innovation and creativity? I think everyone continues to redefine him or herself over time, and I know that this organization does as well. However, there is a common thread that is ever-present. It is the desire to take all relevant data that fits our business and make it readily available and accessible to this great industry. Being open and transparent about the car business. That is what we do, and how we operate. We make every decision about each line of code or architecture with this thought at its core.

Sure, we are going to have world-class architecture. We are going to be cutting-edge with how we do business and how we deliver our products to our customers. We are going to maintain our uptime and be the best at what we do. At the same time, we are going to be open, transparent, and continue to lead in our space. Peace out, folks.  I need to go write some code.

Jake Massey, CTO