Before watching the 2014 Super Bowl, I saw a video of the Seattle Seahawks. I became an instant fan of Head Coach Pete Carroll.

What really moved me was the sign above their door each player taps on his way to the field.  It says, “I’m IN”.  I could really see Coach Carroll’s passion for his team and the game.  I started thinking about the importance of a motto for my team, my family and even myself.  I quickly grabbed a flashcard and sharpie and wrote the words, “I’m in!” taped next to my front door.  My kids laughed and hugged me and thought it was “cute.”

I started watching all of the interviews with the players and coaches to gain more insight into who they were as a team.   The words, “I’m IN” resonated deeply with me.  They made me reevaluate what my commitments are in life and helped me realize it’s never too late to recommit to anything I wanted.  It was time for a change.

Adversity is Opportunity
Life is ever changing, and we are all going to have some great highs and lows.  When I’m faced with adversity, I have to have faith that if I keep focused one day at a time that those tough times are going to ride out.  With difficulty comes hunger.  You have to be hungry to improve your life!  For some literal hunger is the motivation!  Let your adversity fuel your drive.  When you feel down, there is only one way to go, and that is up!  Stay committed to doing the daily tasks that create those opportunities.

Focus on today’s work and success will follow
If you’re in sales, listen up! One goal I have for myself is to email at least ten new prospects a day. One day I emailed a general manager asking if I could demo our CRM.  The response was swift — “NOPE!”  My immediate response was a “thank you” because I know that for every 20 emails sent, two NO’s and one YES happens — every time! I replied thanking him for my first “No” of the day, believing and knowing I was that much closer to a yes!

Utilize Your CRM
If you’re in management, you know that you can predict the success of your month based on your team’s activities.  When your activities are down, so are your sales. CRM tools are meant to help you stay on track.   Get to know your CRM on a personal level.  Dedicate yourself to becoming the CRM expert on your team!  Find creative ways to mine your own data in your CRM and look for opportunities you may have missed.   Take the time to complete your daily tasks.  If your leads are slim, pick up the phone.  Try searching your store’s entire database start with the letter A.  If a prospect is not assigned a sales person who still works for your team, call them and simply ask if they are in the market to buy a car.  One out of ten will be! If you didn’t get a hold of someone at 9 am, try again at 1:30 and 5 and 8.  Don’t just do the activities to get your boss off your back.  Do it because you know you will get results. Don’t be a time waster!  Your time is money, and you are there to make a killing, not a living!

Commit 100%
My commitment to 100% has had the biggest effect on me of all.  I can’t be the best employee or the best Mom or Friend unless I give each of them 100% of me.  I believe it was Og Mandino that said you must divorce your family from your work and your work from your family.  While at work leave your personal issues at home.   You might have to ignore texts and phone calls.  Something I started doing is only responding to family or friends twice a day, once at lunch and once at 4:30 PM. When I am successful at this, I can give both my work and my family 100%.

So has “I’m IN” stuck?” What started as something to ponder has been embraced not only internally, but through my household, as well. While sending my daughter off to school the other morning, she reached up high and hit the “I’m In” sign we have. She giggled, I smiled, and I knew we were both moving to the goals we have set for ourselves each and every day.

Are you IN?

Rebecca French