ELEAD1ONE Announces Integration with ROI BOT™

ELEAD1ONE Announces Direct API Integration With ROI BOT™ To Increase Visibility of Key Performance Metrics

Eatontown, NJ, January 16, 2014 – ELEAD1ONE has integrated reporting metrics from their proprietary marketing solutions into the Automotive Industry’s leading vendor neutral tracking platform for dealership executives; ROI-BOT™. ELEAD1ONE, a marketplace leader of automotive virtual

BDC, CRM and retail solutions, today announced that they have integrated their performance reports into the automotive industry’s leading vendor-neutral performance-tracking platform. ELEAD1ONE executive level reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be available in ROI-BOT™ dashboard.

Because ELEAD1ONE data feeds are automatically integrated into the ROI-BOT™ dashboard, dealers can instantly inspect and measure how the ELEAD1ONE virtual BDC, CRM, fulfillment, and digital marketing campaigns are performing. ELEAD1ONE is the first automotive CRM Company to provide automated integration with ROI-BOT, leading the way for greater transparency to dealers from their vendor partners.

“We strive to ensure that our clients have first-class market data and total transparency to measure the true value that marketing delivers for their business. Our integration with ROI-BOT™ provides great data and key metrics which are delivered in an engaging and easy-to-use dashboard that highlights ROI,” stated Hugh Hathcock, owner of ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C. “It is always a pleasure to form partnerships with such forward-thinking companies to offer our clients impressive data options, at no obligation, to measure their performance.”

“Arming dealers with a single dashboard that instantly benchmarks the performance of all vendor partners will improve the visibility with which our customers will view the ROI of their ELEAD1ONE products,” added Hathcock.

The ROI-BOT™ data warehouse, which is completely vendor neutral, can be configured to show all the vital statistics and metrics dealerships need to inspect the performance of their marketing partners. The data is available 24/7 on an easy-to-use and easy-to-access digital dashboard where dealership executives can log in to review their business data and monitor and cross compare performance. Best of all dealers can have real-time alerts and scoring that can tell them when marketing metrics need attention; saving them time and money.

“We congratulate ELEAD1ONE for embracing the vendor data transparency that ROI-BOT™ delivers to dealers. Since dealers have 10-18 different dashboard logins and reports to review each month, careful analysis of marketing ROI is time consuming. With one independent platform, dealers can finally have daily, weekly, and monthly reports for all vendors, from a single source. With dozens of vendor solutions integrated into ROI-BOT, dealers can gain insights into their sales and marketing investments that were never possible before,” stated Carrie Hemphill, Marketing Director for ROIBOT Software.

For a demo of the ELEAD1ONE/ROI-BOT Lite integration, stop by the ROIBOT Software Booth #7218 at the 2014 NADA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, January 24th – January 27th. Dealers can also see the integration at the ELEAD1ONE booth #3819.


For over 30 years, ELEAD1ONE has provided the best solution to sell more cars and maximize customer lifetime profitability. Defined as the trusted source for more industry leaders, top dealers, dealer groups and OEMs, ELEAD1ONE provides the most advanced dealership management platform that helps dealers achieve unmatched results in increased sales and profit, lead generation, customer communication, sales process, retention and complete lifecycle management across all departments. The company’s automotive-only virtual BDC and CRM are the foundation of their unique and successful profit-building strategies. ELEAD1ONE is 100% focused on training, teaching and support after the sale. For more information, visit our Website, like us on Facebook, YouTube or follow us on Twitter.

About ROI-BOT Software

ROI-BOT™ is the automotive industry’s leading vendor neutral data reporting platform. The software directly integrates data from popular digital marketing tools and social media platforms include Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. ROI-BOT™ also directly integrates vendor reporting data from dozens of companies serving dealers with: chat solutions, call recording solutions, CRM platforms, social media marketing, third party leads, third party classifieds, dealer websites, mystery shopping services, call coaching, and more. The single login data warehouse also contains the most comprehensive vendor data “scorecard” which grades Key Performance Metrics (KPI) and identifies areas of immediate opportunity for dealers to increase the ROI of their marketing and operations.

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