2018 is off to a running start at ELEAD1ONE, and our product team has been working hard to keep our resolution – to deliver the hottest customer experience technology in automotive. This week we’re unveiling DealBuilder, a digital retailing application that guides customers through the entire vehicle purchase process, wherever they are.

What Is DealBuilder

It’s clear that digital retailing is here to stay, so ELEAD1ONE envisioned and created a tool that allows consumers to start the vehicle purchase process online with DealBuilder Online or at the dealership with the aid of a salesperson and DealBuilder Showroom.

What’s in it For Dealers

DealBuilder is fully integrated into ELEAD1ONE CRM and can be used on a desktop, mobile tablet or smartphone allowing salespeople to retain control of the process and interact with customers through each step of the sale.

  • Total Flexibility: Synched versions of DealBuilder Online and Showroom allow customers to start a deal online and come into the store to complete it (Or vice versa!) Customers can begin shopping in-store and then finalize the sale from home or work. “
  • Sales Tools That Work Anywhere: The rock-solid integration with ELEAD1ONE CRM lets salespeople use DealBuilder from mobile devices to access metrics, view appointments, complete tasks, manage contacts and even view who’s “On Point” to score the next up.
  • Never Leave a Customer’s Side: DealBuilder’s convenient mobile options allow salespeople to walk customers through the entire car-buying journey without leaving the customer – showing inventory, confirming quotes, evaluating a trade-in, communicating remotely with managers, completing credit apps and even mapping out and managing test-drives.

Why Customers Love DealBuilderDealBuilder Automotive Digital Retail

DealBuilder Online offers website visitors the option to Build a Deal or Buy Now, saving vehicles in a Virtual Lot as they browse or view side-by-side comparisons. The process includes:

  • Built-in chat and instant, customizable notifications alerting sales and management make it easy for shoppers to get answers throughout the process.
  • Remote trade-in evaluation with photo uploads and damage details allows for a quick offer that customers can accept, decline or contact the dealership to discuss.
  • Accurate payment calculations down to the penny.
  • Easy credit applications at the dealership or from home. If denied, customers are prompted to contact the dealership. If approved, DealBuilder generates a set of documents the customer can e-sign or complete at the dealership.

Where to See DealBuilder

DealBuilder is available for dealerships today and in action on the Showroom floor at Lexus of Wesley Chapel in Florida. Read more about the live DealBuilder test results here.

To see a demo of DealBuilder in action, visit Booth # 3760C at the NADA Convention & Expo, March 23-25 in Las Vegas, NV. Make an appointment online or call 855-983-9470.