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Automotive Virtual BDC

As automotive shopping habits are evolving, so are communication and technology. Dealers MUST find an effective way to differentiate themselves from competitors and manage the customer journey with smarter ways to connect and interact.

Trusted by over 7,000 top automotive retailers, the ELEAD1ONE Contact Center is a third-party resource that specializes only in automotive, and tailors a strategic communication plan to completely manage your customers’ journey – from shopping and lead generation to purchasing and retention. Our award-winning contact management center gives dealers the power of the largest, most experienced and affordable customer contact center in the market. Best of all, we integrate with ANY CRM system.

Using the most advanced technology, the ELEAD Contact Center provides smarter customer engagement and generates the industry’s highest contact ratios to provide you immediate customer feedback and information. Real-time alerts notify you as a popup through the ELEAD1ONE system, or by email, text or both. System alerts allow you to view the live call details or instantly create an activity for follow-up.

From on-site training and monthly account management to cloud-based performance reporting inside the ELEAD1ONE portal, you are always kept in direct communication with the contact center.

  • Inbound BDC Backstop
  • Outbound BDC
  • Internet Customized to Insta-call or Long-term Follow Up
  • Equity and Data Mining
  • Service: Defector Prevention (Exclusive)
  • LVT 30-second Informational
  • Live Chat Management
  • Integrates with Any CRM System
  • Accurate Real-time Reporting
  • …And much more

bdc-text-blockSince its inception, the ELEAD Contact Center has been based right here in the United States. Over twenty years later and with over 1,000 live agents, the contact management facility connects with customers to fulfill targeted engagement across every touchpoint. We give you 100 percent peace of mind!

Our live agents undergo an extensive training regimen. Along with continuous quality control and coaching, they help dealers achieve flexible customer interaction, the industry’s highest contact rates, and capitalize on every business opportunity.

In-store company-wide training protects you to ensure the highest return on your investment. Our Call Pro Team provides in-store training to help develop and implement KPIs. Coaching on strategic customer interaction, follow-up tactics, and best practice processes ensures increased growth and your ability to successfully manage every sales and service opportunity. Monthly reviews with your account manager fulfills ongoing training and successful campaign reviews to ensure your team communicates more effectively and in a way today’s auto consumers demand, and that the communication strategy is operating at peak-performance levels.

With over two decades of automotive-only call center experience and serving several thousand dealers across the U.S. and Canada, ELEAD Virtual BDC has the best processes and techniques to drastically improve your customer communications strategy!