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Today’s automotive consumer expects more from a company’s website. They want an interactive and engaging experience that answers all their questions in an easy-to-use multimedia interface. A automotive chat software widget that gives them the same experience as speaking with a salesperson on the lot. ELEAD Chat delivers live chat management and fulfillment that supports both your sales and fixed ops departments during extended retail hours in all time zones.  Full chat software capabilities on a website with the added benefit of ELEAD Contact Center agents who engage in chat with dealership customers and provide an immediate response to generate quality service, leads and appointments. ELEAD Chat delivers an impressive 60 percent conversion rate and an 80 percent conversion in fixed ops. Along with increased leads, appointments and conversion rates, ELEAD Chat provides dealers valuable customer information and client engagement regardless of staffing at the store level.

Insight-driven Engagement

  • ELEAD Chat Facilitates all Sales and Service Interactions
  • Average a 4-second Response Rate
  • Alerts Salespeople when Someone Who has Chatted Previously is Back on the Site
  • Hot Alert Text Notifications
  • Offer Dealer Managed, Reception Services, and Full Managed Options
  • Compare Vehicle Details and Pricing