Integrated Sales, Service, and Marketing Solutions

Effective automotive marketing drives conversations that lead to customer acquisition and retention by offering value to the dealership audience. Everything starts with the consumer. Today’s consumers don’t want to be sold; they want to be provided news and information to guide them and make better, more informed purchasing decisions. They want information to be delivered frequently and transparently, helping to build trustworthy relationships through exceptional and lasting experiences. As marketers, it’s imperative we understand what automotive consumers want and provide this information in a way they want to communicate.

By leveraging our marketing software and technological innovation, you can provide customers an amazing experience by predicting what they need well before they realize it themselves, creating compelling connections everywhere and anytime.  Our robust, multi-channel marketing approach allows you to interact with every customer in a unique way, no matter their personality type.

You Are What You Measure.

Establishing and maintaining the lifetime value of an automotive customer is a carefully blended concoction of targeted engagement and relationship building, all drawn from meaningful data analysis. Measuring automotive marketing ROI is the equivalent of using a map. Without it, you don’t know if you’re moving in the right direction or where you are going. Continuously measuring the cost of customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value, allows you to improve your marketing strategy by understanding how you are spending your money and what the results are.

  • Advanced business logic, creative, and messaging
  • Comprehensive dashboards, KPIs, and ROI Reports
  • ELEAD1ONE CRM, ELEAD1ONE Contact Center, and SERVICE1ONE Integration
  • Create different follow-up paths unique to every customer
  • Dynamic declined service campaigns
  • Increase sales-to-service and service-to-sales conversions
  • Improve customer contact rates and information gathering
  • Grow sales and fixed ops market share and profitability

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