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Empower your dealership to connect with customers during every
important event, growing business opportunities and customer retention.
  • Automated Service Retention Campaigns
  • Declined Service Recapture with Op Code Specific Messages
  • Comprehensive Dashboards, KPIs, and Reporting

The Ultimate Service Experience and Customer Retention Platform

The service department generates 43 percent of the average dealership’s annual gross profits. With only one in three drivers committed to an auto service provider, dealerships need a smart service retention program that successfully connects with vehicle owners to keep them coming back time after time, and help to combat losing valuable service business to temporary discounts, persuasive ads, and national brand quick lanes.

AutoPilot empowers dealerships to interact with customers during every important milestone or event and provide the robust reporting and analytics needed to make smarter decisions and manage campaigns from a holistic view. This long-term, automated customer retention program creates profitable business opportunities by keeping customers loyal throughout the vehicle life cycle, and beyond.

Communication Strategy

Autopilot uses a blended communication approach of live calls, text, emails, direct mail, and IVR to connect compelling messages to the right person that grabs their attention at the right time. We maximize your interaction by providing clarity to what customers really want and give you the right tools to make every connection count.

For over 30 year’s, top automotive retailers have trusted our experienced marketing experts to plan and execute effective integrated campaigns with consistent messaging that build customer loyalty and achieve the highest response rate. ELEAD CRM offers a full range of professional campaign management, including spam filtering, and compliance processes for optimal inbox deliverability.

Self-Service Marketing

For do-it-yourselfers, campaign manager quickly and easily generates target-marketing lists. No matter your level of expertise, you can build your own emails, or select from our vast library of professional templates designed to engage subscribers in a meaningful way.

  • Customizable KPIs and event triggers
  • Flexible and easily updates dealership processes
  • Collect better customer information and data, including identifying customers likely to defect
  • Continuous data cleaning and de-duping
  • Full integration with ELEAD Service automates the ownership journey and drives the highest rate of customer retention
  • Target-specific declined service campaigns
  • Predictive behavior modeling
  • Comprehensive dashboards and KPIs, including RO trends by pay category, sales-to-service conversion, and service-to-service retention
  • Measure campaign effectiveness through advanced analytics, trend analysis, and comparison data