The Ultimate Customer Retention Program for Auto Dealerships

Effectively acquiring and engaging customers at every stage of the ownership lifecycle is the key to long-term success for your dealership. And, because your customers are not all the same, why try to speak to them the same way? AutoPilot segregates your customers into groups based on their needs and behaviors to make every connection count. By understanding your target audience, AutoPilot provides a multi-channel communication platform with precision-targeted messaging to the right person, grabbing their attention at the right time when the greatest impact occurs to motive service use and create better sales opportunities.

AutoPilot is flexible to dealer specifications and works to enhance your marketing investment, constantly monitoring data and using the results to fine-tune searches, customer profiles, and KPI reporting analytics. We all know that acquiring new customers is much more costly than sustaining existing ones, so AutoPilot created an entire retention program focused on growing your customer base.

  • Improves customer acquisition and retention throughout the vehicle lifecycle
  • Decreases competitor defection
  • Predictive behavior modeling
  • Comprehensive dashboards and KPIs, including RO trends by pay category, sales-to-service conversion, and service-to-service retention
  • Measure campaign effectiveness through advanced analytics, trend analysis, and comparison data
  • Improves service repair market share and revenue

All service campaigns blend with the industry’s number-one, automotive-only customer contact management facility. Live call specialists utilize scripts proven to:

  • Encourage customer return for service repairs
  • Verify email address and/or correction
  • Coupon or loyalty incentive program
  • Schedule service appointment with instant DMS integration