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Need more leads? Whenever sales are slow, one of the first reactions from salespeople, and sometimes their managers, is to proclaim they need more leads or better leads.

In response, they might run a lead generation campaign which results in a temporary lift in lead volume. The problem is, when the campaign ends, the lead volume drops back to less than optimal levels.

A better, more consistent approach is to build a lead generation process into your culture. The process should also include lead follow up, so you’re maximizing the potential of every lead.

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As we jumpstart 2016, reflecting on the past year can help drive our goals and focus for the year ahead. ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer provides a solid strategy for utilizing the lessons from 2015 in this month’s AutoSuccess podcast.

Key Takeaways:

How you can constructively use the lessons of the past year while making plans for 2016.
Effectively soliciting feedback from colleagues, family and friends when taking stock of the past year
Providing feedback on successes and opportunities when asked.
For more of Bill’s insights on preparing for 2016, read his editorial in the January edition of AutoSuccess magazine.

Bill Wittenmyer
Partner, ELEAD1ONE
Twitter: @BillythekidWitt

Car Dealer Tip of the Month - Aug

Training, Accountability, and Consequences

Even the most experienced salesperson or service advisor needs a 15-minute business tune-up now and then.

I recently tweeted about another company’s salesperson that didn’t know how to calculate forecast and pace — one of the key indicators of the success of a dealership’s sales team. Read More

Manufacturer recalls reached an epic 64 million in 2014. That’s more than double the previous calendar year record of 30.8 million in 2004, according to Automotive News. With recalls affecting every one of our clients and most of their customers, we are excited to be rolling out an innovative new product in the near future called RECALL1ONE. One state-of-the-art feature included is the real-time dashboard that alerts dealers of customers who have open recalls that are yet to be resolved. Furthermore, RECALL1ONE offers a live call service to generate increased service appointments for customers with recall items, as well as coordination of real-time parts availability. Other features include campaign overviews, as well as KPI metrics and even a multi-channel re-targeting function that engages non-responders.
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