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Google Automotive Workshop

Wittenmyer at DrivingSales Executive Summit

Coming off our inaugural DealerOn Event Series outing, we’re joining forces with partners Google and DealerOn to bring a second FREE, private Golf and Learn event. This time, we’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on October 5th at Topgolf in The Colony, and we want you there.

Jessie Hochhalter from Google, Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at ELEAD1ONE, DealerOn’s SEO and SEM gurus Greg Gifford and Shaun Raines, and Conversion Wizard Mike DeVito will drop some valuable knowledge for dealers as we close out 2016 and look ahead to next year.

  • Jessie Hochhalter from Google. Jessie will tackle Automotive Trends & Insights: How Dealers Can Win with Today’s Customer.
  • SEO Guru Greg Gifford. Greg will showcase some advanced local SEO tips & tricks, plus local marketing tips sure to elevate your dealership.
  • PPC Expert Shaun Raines. Shaun’s presentation will drop some knowledge on the best way to use SEM to meet your customers head on, and make your dealership the star.
  • Conversion Wizard Mike DeVito. Mike will share the winning formulas to optimize your website and digital marketing for the mobile car buyer.
  • Bill Wittenmyer from ELEAD1ONE. Bill will focus on best practices and how a good CRM and quality processes will convert more digital leads into profit for your dealership.

You’ll walk away with best practices in SEO, SEM, website conversion, mobile marketing, and a host of other industry-changing topics, guaranteed to help you sell more cars.

And yes, plenty of golf with your very own golf pro. All your food and fun are fully taken care of by DealerOn, Google, and ELEAD1ONE.

Our special guest will be ELEAD1ONE community partner Patriot PAWS.  The Dallas-based non-profit organization  trains and provides service dogs “of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and Post Traumatic Stress in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence.”

This event is completely free — just bring your appetite to learn and a killer swing!

Note: This is non-transferable and by invite only. The registration page below will be active as long as we have seats left.

DealerOn/Google/ELEAD1ONE Golf Event Registration


Car Dealer Tip of the Month - Aug

Training, Accountability, and Consequences

Even the most experienced salesperson or service advisor needs a 15-minute business tune-up now and then.

I recently tweeted about another company’s salesperson that didn’t know how to calculate forecast and pace — one of the key indicators of the success of a dealership’s sales team. Read More

At ELEAD Digital, we live at the intersection of technology and marketing. We provide relevant content and communications to further customer engagement by merging analytical data from ELEAD CRM with multiple highly effective mediums. It is analytics meets creativity – e.g. left brain meets right brain.

If you’re picturing a divided house — tech types on one side and creative free spirits on the other — then you are pretty much right on!
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Customer Retention

Service – customer retention is a stumbling block for many dealerships. There can be several reasons for this, but one of the main problems is dealers often fail to require the salesperson to make a proper introduction to the service department during the vehicle delivery process. If the salesperson’s pay is not tied to service-customer retention, then it simply isn’t done.

In order to improve sales to service conversions, dealers need to make sure their sales staff has skin in the game by tying this non-negotiable activity to their commission or bonus structure. Then, manage this activity by holding the sales staff accountable, as a condition of their pay and employment, through enforcement and consequences. You will see an immediate rise in tentative first appointments scheduled, which should be followed up with through a comprehensive service-marketing strategy.
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Service is the New Sales

The fixed operations department generates the most profit and is key to the overall success of your store, as we well know. So why are most service departments still operating with antiquated processes and outdated software tools? Why is such a small percentage of marketing dollars allocated to the Service Department versus sales? It is almost as if the Fixed Ops Department is stuck in a time warp.

Over the past ten years, automotive dealerships have installed CRM and trade appraisal systems, desking tools and countless other software programs in their Sales, Internet and Finance Departments. Dealers attend seminars ad nauseam and hire consultants to help them nail down the best processes to practice. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on advertising, both conventional and digital, yet the Fixed Ops Department is lucky to have a marketing company that sends emails and postcards to retain defecting customers.

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