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As we jumpstart 2016, reflecting on the past year can help drive our goals and focus for the year ahead. ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer provides a solid strategy for utilizing the lessons from 2015 in this month’s AutoSuccess podcast.

Key Takeaways:

How you can constructively use the lessons of the past year while making plans for 2016.
Effectively soliciting feedback from colleagues, family and friends when taking stock of the past year
Providing feedback on successes and opportunities when asked.
For more of Bill’s insights on preparing for 2016, read his editorial in the January edition of AutoSuccess magazine.

Bill Wittenmyer
Partner, ELEAD1ONE
Twitter: @BillythekidWitt

Bill Wittenmyer - Dealer Leadership Podcast

Aired July 31, 2015 AutoSuccess Magazine

ELEAD1One Partner Bill Wittenmyer provides his wisdom and guidance for leaders on accountability. Learn why managing the activity of strong personalities yields more results. Knowing when your team needs a push or a pull is key. Setting clear expectations and communicating them consistently will allow you to move forward with other tasks as a manager.

ELEAD1One’s Bill Wittenmyer’s AutoSuccess Podcast: Employee Accountability and Consequences


Bill Wittenmyer, ELEAD1ONE Partner, was recently featured as a guest blogger on the AutoSuccess Blog.  You can find the original post on AutoSuccess Here

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AutoSuccess Magazine guest blog this week is brought to you by Bill Wittenmyer, parter of ELEAD1ONE.  We hope you enjoy his blog! Click here to visit AutoSuccess page.

For this edition on leadership, let me start with a true story that happened about two weeks ago in the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. For those of you that don’t know, it is the busiest airport in the U.S., and possibly the world. Further, traveling through this airport on a Monday is always a real treat as it is extremely busy and the trains between the concourses are tightly packed with commuters. On this particular Monday, my first flight was late, and as usual the connection was in another concourse. I rushed down to the train because I knew that if I missed this connection, it would be a wasted four + hours in the airport that would not be as productive as it could be at my destination.

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Our guest blogger this week is a partner of ELEAD1ONE, Bill Wittenmyer. Click here to visit AutoSuccess page.

Leadership — there are certainly a lot of diverse definitions to leadership, and different styles work for different people, organizations and structures. When approached to talk about leadership, I typically try to use examples that can be applied to all styles and personalities. Here, I will relate a recent personal experience.

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